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Brooke Turner Song & Critique Review Video

17-year-old Canadian Brooke Turner attended a Tom Jackson Bootcamp and showcased her original song, Life of the Party. As all the judges commented, her song was an excellent one, exactly right for radio play in the female pop genre! But for performance, it would be much more effective if it were edited. Extending the intro, […]

Watch Webinar Video: Creating Videos for YouTube

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series YouTube, Music, and You

When it comes to posting videos on YouTube, many artists have “creativity-block.” Other than posting a little live video a friend shot of a show somewhere, or spending thousands of dollars on a professionally staged & edited video, they can’t seem to come up with ideas. But when I wrote a series of blogs on […]

Dan Peart Song & Critique Review Video

Dan Peart, singer/songwriter from Iowa, performed at our Tom Jackson Bootcamp showcase. The industry panel commented on his great confidence onstage, a unique sound with guitar and harmonica, and the good hook in his song. But it felt like a “bumpy” ride, where the momentum didn’t build consistently throughout the song. (This is very likely […]

Claudia Norris Song & Critique Review Video

Most artists don’t give the audience time to hear and digest the lyric & emotion of their songs. When you’re playing live, you’ve got to take time to help your listeners connect with what you’re trying to say. In this Bootcamp video, you’ll see our Live Music Producers help a singer songwriter set up her song […]

Working the Table: Tour Support Training

You’ve signed up with a charity… you’ve got your appeal worked out from the stage… maybe you’ve even added some of the media and other ideas Tom has given in these videos so far… But it really doesn’t mean much unless you know how to work your table! After all, that’s where all those people […]

Anna Morgan Michel Song & Critique Review Video

As musicians, we understand the necessity of dynamics. Yet as live performers, we often forget the use of dynamics within each song, both musically and visually! In this makeover, Tom Jackson plus a judging panel, critique and give specific examples of how this young artist could use dynamics throughout her song.  She is told to leave “simmer […]

Steve Waylon Music Makeover Part 3 of 3 Video

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Steve Waylon Music Makeover

As Tom says, your audience is ignorant of musical things… even musicians can miss exactly what to pay attention to when things go by quickly! So some of the things you can do to help your communication include: 1) performing the solo so they “see” what you’re playing, and 2) support your band by making […]

Steve Waylon Music Makeover Part 2 of 3 Video

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Steve Waylon Music Makeover

Your songs don’t sound the same, so why do they look the same? Whether it’s to put pressure on the audience, balance the stage, or to visually show what the song is about, your movement is crucial to helping your audience “get” what you’re trying to say. Not only that, but you also help establish […]

Steve Waylon Music Makeover Part 1 of 3 Video

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Steve Waylon Music Makeover

It’s a vocal moment… and it will make your audience want to run back to your merch table to take that moment home with them! Don’t let a good voice be hidden under everything else like an ingredient in goulash. From Eastern Canada, Steve Waylon and his band allowed Tom to work on 2 of […]

Mia Calderon Song & Critique Review Video

What kind of song are you performing? Oftentimes, artists get wrapped up in “movement” for the sake of movement, instead of letting the “feel” and message of the song dictate what movement they’ll use. Tom calls the correct way to do it “keeping the integrity of the song.” The place to work out movement is […]