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Live Music Makeovers

You’ve been captivated by TV makeovers – someone or something transformed right before your eyes.

Whether it’s redesigning a room on HGTV, changing a person’s image on “What Not To Wear,” or transforming an entire house on “Extreme Home Makeover,” we are all fascinated by the process and the result. Well, Tom Jackson’s Live Music Makeovers are the same concept; but instead of a room, a clothing style, or a house, he uses a song and a performer onstage.

Besides being fun and entertaining, the Tom’s live music makeovers bring all the elements of his teaching together! In this series, Tom takes artists from the beginning of a rehearsal all the way through the “reveal” in front of a live audience.

“Tom took a band I wouldn’t even pay $10 to see and…turned them into rock stars!” Janice Lauengco, indie artist


reins_coverThe Reins – Live Music Makeover

1-Disk DVD





This is where the rubber meets the road – rehearsal! Look in on a rehearsal…read more


Turn Off the Stars – Live Music Makeover

1-Disk DVD





It’s about thinking outside the box and taking chances! It’s about working through ideas in your rehearsal…read more