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Watch Webinar Video: It’s Only Me

It worked so well last time, I thought I’d try it again… a Q&A Webinar! About 15 of our Backstage Pass members were able to make the live event, and most of them had submitted their questions in advance. Our topic was “It’s Only Me” and we discussed what many of you go through when […]

Connecting the Audience with a Child: Tour Support Training

Throughout this Training series, Tom Jackson refers to several ways or places you can get your audience to sponsor a child. The first three places are your appeal from the stage, the table where the picture folders are set up, and using media in your presentation. Now it’s time to talk about a fourth way […]

Tracy Abney Song & Critique Review Video

We all know Tom is into sports analogies (35 references to baseballs, footballs, & basketballs alone in his book!). But the remarks made by industry panel songwriter Rick Elias (Tom Hanks’ That Thing You Do) to Tracy Abney (our Bootcamp showcase artist in this video) call out for that famous quote from Yogi Berra: “Baseball […]

Media & Your Appeal: Tour Support Training

Using media can be an important part of your onstage appeal. You’ve heard the expression “a picture is worth 1,000 words” – well, media can be just the supportive picture your audience needs to understand exactly what you are talking about and why they should sponsor a child. There are 4 ways to use media […]

Josh Peidl Song & Critique Review Video

The industry panel at this Tom Jackson Bootcamp had some important tips for singer/songwriter Josh Peidl from Canada that apply to most artists. First of all, songwriting requires some critical work. You might accomplish that with a co-writer, or it may require some drastic steps on your part (according to Jay Frank, FutureHit.DNA). Then, when […]

Your Appeal from the Stage Video: Tour Support Training

Who… why… how… where… Tom calls these the basic 4 when it comes to making your appeal for a charity. The audience needs to understand who it is you are talking about. What charity? What do they do? Can we trust them? They need to feel an emotional connection to a child so they know […]

Let’s Get Started Video: Tour Support Training

You’ve just signed up to partner with a charity – the organization is one you feel passionate about, and you’re ready to start telling your audience about them. You’re ready to get those kids sponsored! But before you can do that, you need materials to put on your table, you should be familiar with picture […]

Welcome to Tour Support Video

“No man has learned to live until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. In order to live creatively and meaningfully our self-concern must be wedded to other concerns.” — Martin Luther King, Jr. Welcome to our Tour Support Program! (Or if you happen […]

Watch Webinar Video: Questions Anyone?

I wish I could have a personal meeting with each one of you, to answer your questions and talk about your show! The next best thing might be a Skype, a phone chat, or even a Live Webinar like I did last week. The background for doing this was simply me wanting to know what […]

Mandi Lee Song & Critique Review Video

Pouring originality into the song needs to be addressed with your own songs, but it can be down right difficult when you are performing a cover! In this video, you’ll learn how to use the words of a song to build a moment the audience can connect with. But you’ll also see demonstrated a way […]