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Live Music Method Book

Reach your full potential as a performer & master any stage you’re on!

There are a multitude of books about the music industry. This is the first to approach it from the live show perspective. It’s a “one of a kind,” and 2 books in 1.


All Roads Lead to the Stage DVDs

SAVE $86 when you buy the complete set of 7 DVDs! 17 sessions on 7 DVDs cover everything from authority onstage and developing a clear vision for your show, to fundamentals, onstage tools, and more!


Live Music Makeovers

We’ve all been captivated by makeovers we’ve seen on TV. Whether it’s redesigning a room, changing a person’s image, or transforming an entire house, we are fascinated by the process and the result. Tom Jackson’s Live Music Makeovers are the same: watch him transform artists’ performances.

Live in Kansas City Audio Series


Live in Kansas City – Audio CDs

In this 2-day Christian conference, Tom discusses the seven essential principles for a successful music ministry. 7-CD set