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Your Songs Don’t Sound the Same

Your songs don’t sound the same, so they shouldn’t look the same! Communication from the stage is 15% the content you bring – your words and stories and lyrics.  30% is the tone or emotion you bring it with.  But more than half of it, 55%, is what the audience SEES. The problem with what […]

Tom at CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference – 2015

     Grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable to watch Tom at the 2015 CD Baby Conference in Chicago.      You’ll watch, along with some 1000 attendees, as Tom works with a band on performance skills. Backstage Pass VideoBackstage Pass Videos offer a wide variety of great information that will help you […]

Songwriting with Clay Mills Part 4 of 4 Video

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Songwriting with Clay Mills

Here’s the final installment on this great workshop session from hit songwriter Clay Mills! A little recap on the teaching — 3 Key Elements of a Great Song include 1) having a conversation, 2) keeping it real, and 3) living on the edge. And watching this live co-write session will hopefully have you anxious to […]

Songwriting with Clay Mills Part 3 of 4 Video

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Songwriting with Clay Mills

It’s been said that the reason for the 1st sentence in copywriting is to get the reader to read the 2nd sentence. And the reason for the 2nd, is to get them to read the 3rd. The reason for the 3rd is to get them to read the 4th, and so on… We know you’re […]

Songwriting with Clay Mills Part 2 of 4 Video

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Songwriting with Clay Mills

Why do you write songs? For the joy it brings? To tell the world something you’re thinking or feeling? To make sense of things? In part 2 of Clay Mills’ workshop session, he reminds us that writing songs can’t just be about telling people how you feel. (Not if you want to be successful at […]

Songwriting with Clay Mills Part 1 of 4 Video

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Songwriting with Clay Mills

Collaborative songwriting may seem completely foreign to you. Perhaps you’ve always written your own songs, treasuring them like children — so doing a co-write feels like co-dating or co-marriage! Or maybe you’ve been wondering how it would work. Just what does a co-writing session look like? This fall at our Tom Jackson Bootcamp, hit songwriter […]

Watch Webinar Video: Creating Videos for YouTube

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series YouTube, Music, and You

When it comes to posting videos on YouTube, many artists have “creativity-block.” Other than posting a little live video a friend shot of a show somewhere, or spending thousands of dollars on a professionally staged & edited video, they can’t seem to come up with ideas. But when I wrote a series of blogs on […]

Watch Webinar Video: It’s Only Me

It worked so well last time, I thought I’d try it again… a Q&A Webinar! About 15 of our Backstage Pass members were able to make the live event, and most of them had submitted their questions in advance. Our topic was “It’s Only Me” and we discussed what many of you go through when […]

Watch Webinar Video: Questions Anyone?

I wish I could have a personal meeting with each one of you, to answer your questions and talk about your show! The next best thing might be a Skype, a phone chat, or even a Live Webinar like I did last week. The background for doing this was simply me wanting to know what […]

Walking On the Stage: Learning the Tools & Fundamentals

For those of you who have seen my Live Music Method class (whether you learned it at a workshop, from my DVD, or in my book), you know I draw the analogy of your show being similar to building a house. You start by Planning (getting a vision for your show), then by laying a […]