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Important gig coming up? Showcase? Competition? Big tour? Or do you simply want to be great every time you step onstage? You invest time, energy & money in many things so you can perform onstage. So don’t neglect investing in what happens when you get there!


We offer 1-on-1 Performance Rehearsals (in person or via Skype/FaceTime)

To inquire about a four, five or eight hour 1-on-1 Rehearsal or to book a session with Tom or Amy, contact us here.


1-on-1 Performance Rehearsals

What does a 1-on-1 rehearsal look like?  It’s time at your rehearsal-venue-of-choice with a Live Music Producer, who will work out “moments” for your show, plan effective transitions, and help you make the most of your communication with an audience (musically, visually, and verbally):

  • It will be creative: ideas prompted, memorable moments created.

  • It will be safe: freedom to try new ideas & take risks.

  • It will be eye-opening: see your connection to the audience in a new way.

  • It will be intense: you will be exhausted at the end of rehearsals, but unable to sleep because of all the new ideas!

  • It will be profitable: create a buzz, gain fans, sell more merch than ever before.

Learning to put on a great show takes time.  You need to develop the necessary skills and work on those skills to make them part of who you are onstage.  In your sessions with either Tom Jackson or Amy Wolter, you will be given the tools you’ll need to develop a great show.  You will need to take those skills and “moments” created and work on them in your personal rehearsals.  We encourage you to video tape the sessions so you’ll have a reference to what you’ve learned in the rehearsals.  The sessions are intense and the video taping is a wonderful way to go back and see what you need to work on.  


The sessions are generally two, four, five or eight hour sessions.  The number of sessions, hours, or days you’ll need depends on your goals and a number of other factors.  Please, call our office or email us to talk about your personal goals for your sessions.

In addition to the actual sessions, Tom Jackson and Amy Wolter listen to your music and watch any videos you want to send, before the sessions so they come to the sessions with ideas and inspiration.

You can book the sessions with Live Music Producers Tom Jackson or Amy Wolter, in Nashville.  Or, you can book full days at your location (any travel expenses and the rehearsal venue rental are the artist’s responsibility.)



Book a two hour session with Live Music Producer, Amy Wolter here:

$390  NASHVILLE AREA: 2-Hour Performance Session with Live Music Producer, Amy Wolter (Rehearsal venue rental is not included.)


Skype sessions


Begin the process of developing your show via Skype or Facetime.  We understand many of you can’t make it to Nashville or fly us to your location, so this is a great way to get 1 on 1 input for your show.  

These Sessions are with Live Music Producer, Amy Wolter, who is trained to take you all the way from discovering the principles and reasoning behind Tom’s Method to working out a full-blown concert set that will capture & engage every audience you play for!

Skype sessions can be done from anywhere in the world.  These sessions can be structured so you can accomplish your goals.



There are many ways you can use the two hours in your Skype session.  

  • Our number one suggestion would be for you to video tape yourself or you and your band and send the link to Amy Wolter via YouTube.  She can then go over the video with you, giving suggestions on performance for your show, song placement and creating moments from your material.

  • You can spend the two hours on the phone discussing any aspects of your live show you want to work on.

  • You can work on your set list, implementing effective transitions, story telling, moments, etc.

The goal of the work is to build on concepts of performance that can be practiced and perfected in your own rehearsal time, then applied to every song you play.

$275  VIA SKYPE: 2-Hour Skype Performance Session with Live Music Producer, Amy Wolter