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Tom Jackson has a passion and unique skill the likes I haven’t seen. He may be one of the few people who can move the needle for artists during this crazy time in the “new” music business. (In other words: Hire him and watch your bottom line increase!)

— Ariel Hyatt, President, Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR

Tom makes a major impact… he’s a true creative partner who helps realize the artist’s full performance potential.

— Matt Serletic, Producer (Santana, Celine Dion, Aerosmith, Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas)

Tom Jackson is a jaw-droppingly outstanding live music producer. A true master, and I don’t mean that lightly! I’m recommending him to every serious performing artist I know.

— Derek Sivers, Founder CD Baby and HostBaby

Tom’s classes on performance are the most insightful and comprehensive I’ve ever seen on the subject.

— Dez Dickerson, former guitarist for Prince and the Revolution, and President of Absolute Records

I have been hit by lightning and it comes from Tom Jackson. If you can only do one thing to further your career, take my advice, listen to what Tom has to say. It will blow your mind; it certainly did mine.

— Derrick Ross, Slaight Music (formerly SL Feldman & Assoc – Norah Jones, Diana Krall, Barenaked Ladies)

I’ve had the privilege of watching Tom Jackson transform amateurs into ‘rock stars’ in just a few short hours. He has an uncanny ability to communicate just what is supposed to be happening on stage as dialogue between the artist and the audience.

— Brett Manning, Singing Success

As the music business shifts importance from records to live shows, Tom Jackson’s no-nonsense, spot-on live performance advice is no longer optional…it is mandatory. Seeing a performance from the point of view of a non-fan with the objective of turning them into real fans is the genius of Tom Jackson.

— Tom Silverman, TommY BoY (Everlast, Queen Latifah, De La Soul)

Every time I see a new artist, I wish I had Tom there to help paint a picture of what this artist is really capable of doing live. Tom truly knows how to help artists communicate from the stage, and knows more about live performance than anyone I have ever met.

— Josh Bailey, Director of A&R, Warner/Word/Fervent

It was a pleasure having Tom at Berklee. He gave our students a valuable learning experience. And what a pleasure to watch him work with the band, transforming them into stage-worthy rock stars in scarcely more than a heartbeat. Tom truly knows his stuff!

— Don Gorder, Chair, Music Business, Berklee College of Music

Tom, you remind me of why I’m a musician…for the love of the music, and the desire to create moments to make someone’s spirit dance and come alive inside.

— Spence Smith, Big Tent Revival, and Artist Relations for Compassion Int’l

If you want to learn about raising kids you ask Dr. Dobson. If you want to learn about handling money… Larry Burkett. If you want to learn to hit a baseball far… Mark McGwire. If you want to learn what to do onstage ask Tom Jackson.

— Eddie Carswell, Newsong

As a performing musician for over 15 years, I was surprised and blown away by how much I learned from Tom Jackson in just one session.

— James Bryan, guitarist/songwriter (Nelly Furtado, Philosopher Kings, Sunshine State)

A best friend cares enough to shoot it to you straight. Tom was that “best friend” for us – to improve our art and creativity. His thoughts and ideas have helped us have a more cohesive and attractive performance.

— Kevin Huguley, Rush Of Fools

Going into rehearsal with Tom & his team, I though ‘what the heck are we gonna do for 12 hours? This ain’t the first rodeo for any of us?’ As a solo player I wondered what else I could do. Turn this way on this song? Turn that way on that song?? I was so wrong. Tom, Lang, & Amy’s observations were perfect & very helpful. I’ve played the same songs in pretty much the same way for… well, a long time! It’s great to have supportive, helpful critique.

— Wayne Watson, award-winning singer/songwriter

Whether I am singing in Tokyo, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Honolulu, or Los Angeles, I am always using the stage performance techniques that Tom Jackson taught me – and they work!

— Junko, International Singer/Songwriter

Anyone thinking of going on stage and being successful at it is required to first buy Tom Jackson’s DVD series “All Roads Lead to the Stage.” I spent 2 solid days watching them, and I am watching them again. It has changed my stage show like you would not believe.

— Emo LeBlanc, indie artist

You not only opened doors for the future of this band…you kicked them down!

— Alex Madsen, Vocals/Lead Guitar, The Divorcees

Tom is a genius when it comes to offering ideas to improve ministry. He is never boring and always has something fresh, new and funny to offer no matter how many times you see him. It’s an experience you owe yourself (ESPECIALLY if you’re struggling); you will become better at what you do as a result of even just a few hours with this guy!

— Lynn Geyer, President of CAM

Tom Jackson’s teaching increased our merch sales by 200%. It increased the value of my performance by 1000%!

— Jason Parsons, Canadian artist

Since working with Tom, I’m loving the newfound freedom on stage and the positive attention gained as a result. Recently, I’ve had a number of people approach me saying how impressed they were with my maturing on stage as an artist in such a short timespan.

— Matt Kabus, indie artist