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Speaking and Workshop Leading

Tired of the same old typical panel at your workshop? Do you want a speaker for your event that will teach what no one else is teaching? Something that will make a tangible difference in an artist’s career?


How about an uncommon subject, taught by an engaging, inspiring speaker? How about an exciting hands-on workshop that is as entertaining for attendees as it is informative for your artists?

“Tom’s high-energy presentation will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat, amazed at how much fun you had just watching him perform his magic with the musicians on stage.” – Rebecca Chappell, Orangehaus Records

Tom Jackson and his Live Music Producers offer unique ideas and concepts to artists and bands, making their classes the favorite of most attendees (and the most requested the next year!). These principles are not offered by anyone else. Your artists will be grateful, inspired, tell others about it, and return eagerly to your next event.

We understand “the live show” – the connection between an artist and an audience – and have experience in working and teaching these concepts within a multitude of genres. Some of the classes we have taught include “Killing Stage Fright,” “Getting a Vision for Your Show,” “Developing Confidence and Authority Onstage,” and “Movement Onstage: You Know You Need to Do Something, But What? (and it’s not goofy).” And the favorite class, “Hands-On Workshop: Live Music Makeover!”

Here’s what other conference coordinators are saying:

“Your involvement really helped make our event a success. As usual, the bands rated your performance workshop the highest of all the classes and said it was actually their favorite part of the entire event!” – Jennifer McConnell, Indie Community

Your reward will be your attendees thanking you, return registrations for your next event, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference in an artist’s career!

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