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Kickstart Your New Year: Help from our friend Bob Baker

Tom and the whole Tom Jackson Team has been a friend of marketing guru Bob Baker for quite a while. So when he asked if we’d be interested in letting our artists know about his 4-week Guerrilla Music Marketing Master Class (held completely online!), we said “of course!” Click that link above to see what […]

Stop Opening Presents and Listen

Christmas is just around the corner! No matter how you celebrate, it’s a holiday that certainly brings “giving” and “loving” to mind. A 7-year-old named Bobby once defined love this way: “Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.” Kids are smart sometimes. I’ve had the […]

Ready for an Amazing Artist Website?

To celebrate the holidays, our friends at Section 101 are offering you 50% off their yearly plans if you sign up for a NEW WEBSITE before December 31st, 2013. With the Section 101 yearly plan, you’ll have access to • Beautiful and Effective Designs • Quick and Easy Website Set Up • All The Best […]

The Power of a Moment

I just had my third little bundle of joy not too long ago. I can remember the night she came in detail: Waking up at 1:30 in the morning, the drive to the hospital, my wife making us stop for some McDonalds, they way the air felt, the contractions, the smiles on everyone’s faces when […]

Save Some Holiday Green with our Green Wednesday Specials!

It’s that time of year again – Onstage Success has been offering holiday specials in November and December every year since we’ve been online, and we aren’t going to stop the tradition now! This year we’ve got a pile of Wednesdays (between now and Christmas) for you to save a pile of green (40-67% off […]

October Facebook Contest: YOU tell TOM what to do!

Have you ever wanted to open up our weekly email and see a blog written especially for you? Participate in our October Facebook contest and that dream could become a reality! We want YOUR ideas for Tom’s next blog. Whether it has to do with getting a vision for your show, developing charisma, using a […]

The “Create your OWN Industry” Telesummit, November 4-7, 2013

Friend and colleague, Jo-Ná Williams and Section 101 have created an incredible 4 day online event bringing together 15 of the most experienced, innovative and forward-thinking experts in music, including Tom Jackson to share with you the TRUTH about creating a career in today’s music industry. And you don’t even have to leave the comfort […]

Bootcamp September 2013

Where can you find a 13-year-old singer from Mississippi, a 65+ songwriter from Tennessee, a rootsy soul artist from Australia, a brother/sister duo from Canada, an electro-Latin-lounge singer from Nashville, and about 80 other unique artists and industry all in one place? At the annual 2-day Tom Jackson Bootcamp in Nashville! This year’s event at […]

Opportunities at Broadjam: A Visit with Mike Huberty

Recently, I spent some time visiting with Mike Huberty of Broadjam. Mike and Roy Elkins (Broadjam’s founder and CEO), have been friends of Tom Jackson for quite a few years. I wanted to know more about what they do and how Broadjam helps artists. Broadjam provides web-based promotional tools and services for independent musicians, the […]

Aubrey Logan – Standout Musician & Advocate for those in Need

Someone unfamiliar with breakout artist Aubrey Logan might well ask if she is a singer or a songwriter or an instrumentalist. And the answer would be “yes!” The daughter of music educators, Aubrey grew up with the music of practically every teachable period: hearing it, learning it, performing it. With an innate vocal gift, a […]