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Built for the System or Not

I was recently inspired by a Seth Godin blog, “Is a famous thinker better than a great one?” Seth’s concept applies to artists and musicians, I think. Only the question for us becomes, “is a famous artist’s music, creativity, & show better than yours?” Because someone is famous, are they more creative, is their show […]

Upping Your on Screen Show

I was just watching a replay of MTV’s inaugural show on its 40th anniversary, and chuckling at their choice for first video out of the shoot being the song ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’.  I immediately thought about today’s music world, where at one point I wondered if we’d be singing, ‘Video Killed the Live […]

Your Audience – at Ease or on Edge?

Recently, I was part of a private audience at a magic show in a relative’s home. You know…card tricks, disappearing doves, guy-in-a-tux. Fun, right?  Should have been, but turns out it was basically a front-row seat to a train wreck. The magician – whom I’ll re-name ‘Hocus’ –  got off to a rough start by […]

Rehearsing Virtually – Creative Ideas

Missed you guys so much! I’m ready to get back to some live shows. How about you? This shutdown is, hopefully coming to an end soon, and I’m excited to see venues open back up and people flock (positive thinking!) to live shows – now that we’ve all been deprived of them! Be. Ready. Polish […]

Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

Here’s what my wife, Susan, and I have been doing for the first three weeks of quarantine…. Quarantine theme song pick:  (By the way, if you have children at home and they haven’t seen the Veggie Tales videos, I highly recommend them.)  Hey everyone, Tom here… Weird times we’re living in! I hope you’re all […]

Winning the Crowd – What YOU can learn from Nashville’s Honky Tonks

Nashville is unique in many ways and is home to many types of venues, artists and genres. We have larger concert venues for international touring artists, smaller rooms showcasing both signed and indie artists, smaller ‘listening’ rooms that cater to songwriters, and everything in-between.  Then, there’s a six block area – downtown on Broadway and up […]

Musicians’ Most Common Mistakes – Part 8: Moments, Moments, Moments

This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Conversations with Tom and Amy

This blog and video are the final wrap up of the FIRST question in a series we’ve put together to answer YOUR questions! Yes! We’ve finally made it through the first question! We began by answering one of the most asked questions: What are the most common mistakes musicians make in their live show?  You can listen to and […]

Making Peace with the Headset Mic

Yeah, yeah, yeah….we know what you’re thinking.  I can hear you screaming now, “Using a headset mic will make me look like Britney or Garth or Justin!  I’m not THAT kind of artist”.   Well, we doubt if you’re making the same judgement when you see someone playing a certain kind of guitar…ie: “Oh, she’s […]

Interview with Amy Wolter and Carol Z

Amy: Carol Z and I go way back; meeting when we were both in bands, and have stayed friends for all these years.  She’s based out of Minneapolis and is still out doing shows and keeping very busy. Since she was in town recently, I grabbed the opportunity to interview her and thought it would […]

Musicians’ Most Common Mistakes – Part 7: Mistaking Practice for Rehearsal

This entry is part 7 of 8 in the series Conversations with Tom and Amy

This blog / video on mistaking practice for rehearsal is the seventh in a series we’ve put together to answer YOUR questions. Links to the first six video blogs are at the bottom of this post. We began by answering one of the most asked questions: What are the most common mistakes musicians make in […]