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Booze, You Lose

Recording Tip 31: Alcohol of almost any kind will mess up your hearing, especially on the top end. This tweet has generated a lot of reaction and questions. Some of the comments were quite funny, and some more serious, asking if I meant permanent hearing damage. While of course heavy, long term abuse of alcohol […]

One of My Biggest Pet Peeves

I get asked a lot of questions about the music industry, about producing, about what sound system to use, about… you name it! My gig is making a live show a GREAT live show. But I have been in this business for quite a few years, so once in a while I don’t mind giving […]

Is One of These Myths Killing Your Career?

“In the end it still comes down to dumb luck – having the right product in the right place at the right time with the right people there to hear and see it.” I find this quote from a popular musician’s forum fascinating. In one sentence, the writer has captured the paralyzing attitude of most […]

What Seth Godin Can Teach the Music Industry

There’s a fierce rule I live by that keeps me safe in the music business – it’s simple: Never meet your idols. I still stand by that … except today I’m changing this to: Never meet your idols…unless your idol is Seth Godin. I feel more inspired, calm and clear than I have in a […]

Perspective is Everything

I like to read biographies when I vacation or travel. Whether it’s Merle Haggard, Joe DiMaggio, Tom Landry, or Frank Sinatra – each life is completely different. Some were successful, consistent, and honorable. Some were always in trouble. And the stories are always written differently. Some are written through the person’s own eyes – what […]

What Makes You Unique?

… and why is that important when it comes to getting booked? Whether you’re a soloist, instrumentalist, or a band, if you want to book more concerts or speaking engagements, one of the first things people want to know about you is “what do you do?” Think about it for a moment, when you introduce […]

What Are You Telling People About Yourself and Your Music Career?

As she continued to talk I began to monitor my thoughts. “She” was a stunning brunette a friend and I had just met at a business office in Nashville. She was a tall, well dressed woman in her mid-to-late 30ʼs who had been stopped by my single friend saying “hi!” After the “my name is” […]

The One Killer YouTube Attribute

All musicians are now using YouTube as a major distribution point for their music. Surveys have shown that more people are using YouTube to find music than illegal download services! This easy, legal platform is truly a necessity to ensure exposure to your music. Yet, too often people just put clips up without thinking about […]

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

A few months ago I wrote a blog about Steve Jobs’ decision to step down from his position at Apple. Not long after that, he passed away. Recently I read the fantastic biography on his life by Walter Isaacson. It was one of the quickest 900+ page book I’d ever read and I highly recommend […]

Ariel Hyatt’s Social Media Food Pyramid

With social media growing at such a rapid pace, I decided it was a good idea to revisit my social media food pyramid and update it for 2012. So… Here’s Your Social Media Food Pyramid! It happens to me all of the time when I teach artists social media.The face goes blank, the frustration begins […]