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The Power of Simply Asking Why

I had the pleasure and honor of attending Tom’s OnStage Success Bootcamp in Nashville this past weekend. An event I highly recommend you attend in the future. One of the things that stood out while watching your Live Music Producers completely transform the visual and musical impact of artists and bands in front of our […]

Why Are We Complaining About Today’s Music Industry?

“Today, a boy in Africa has more computing power in his hand than the US President had 15 years ago.” – Ray Kurzweil I’m Sick and Tired Can I be blunt with you about something please? Is it alright if I speak directly from my heart and get something off my chest? I hope so, […]

Music Career Help Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

As a departure from my usual posts here on Tom Jackson’s Onstage Success blog, I’ve been asked to invite you to subscribe to my new Why i Failed newsletter. It’s a simple way to get all the music career information I write about at my personal blog posts sent directly to you as soon as […]

If You Want Music Success, Two Out of Three is Bad

In over 30 years of experience, I’ve never seen anyone succeed in music (or any other career) without mastering skills in three distinct areas of life. On the other hand, every failure has been caused by focusing on only two. How Well Do You Know These Three? Music: You won’t be surprised to know you […]

Is One of These Myths Killing Your Career?

“In the end it still comes down to dumb luck – having the right product in the right place at the right time with the right people there to hear and see it.” I find this quote from a popular musician’s forum fascinating. In one sentence, the writer has captured the paralyzing attitude of most […]

What Are You Telling People About Yourself and Your Music Career?

As she continued to talk I began to monitor my thoughts. “She” was a stunning brunette a friend and I had just met at a business office in Nashville. She was a tall, well dressed woman in her mid-to-late 30ʼs who had been stopped by my single friend saying “hi!” After the “my name is” […]

The 3 Hallmarks of a Successful Music Career

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” – Bill Cosby. As someone who works as a music career development author and coach, I find Mr. Cosby’s quote encouraging, because I don’t know the key to success either. However, what I can offer is a list […]

2 Must Haves for Your Music Career

The more I write and speak about building a long-term, successful career in music, the more I find myself returning to two primary “must haves” over and over again. Of course youʼd be correct if you think itʼs impossible to distill whatʼs needed to build your career (and letʼs be real honest, your life) into […]

Bowling, Chess, and Your Music Career

I am a novice at bowling and chess. I can’t even remember when I last played either one, but I think I represent the average person when it comes to both. Bowling When it’s my turn to bowl, I step up to the line, throw the ball and watch what happens. If it’s a miss, […]