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What Do Publishers REALLY Want?

I cannot tell you how many times I have been in the process of speaking about solid song structure information and in the middle of my delivery a hand goes up. Then some well meaning songwriter, usually a newbie, says, “Well, what about Bob Dylan’s song ______, or Pink’s song _______, Dianne Warren’s songs ______? […]

Your Vision and Finding Ideal Gigs

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a weird combination of “dreamer” and “doer”. I bet you might be the same. We’re very lucky, because many people never get past the “dreamer” stage in life. As artists, we start out with a dream – our vision – and then spend years working towards […]

Recording Tip 10: Always use a good pop filter when recording vocals

This seems pretty simple that most people know this, but it’s really worth a discussion. When some singers sing they can really hit certain consonants very hard. The ones to watch for are “b” “p” “th” etc. When those consonants are hit hard there will be a big bunch of air that rushes to the […]

3 Ways to Crush It With Your Music Marketing!

Are you serious about promoting your music? Are you ready to move beyond lip service and take concrete actions to move your music career forward? If you truly embrace the following three ideas and make them a part of your marketing DNA, I guarantee you’ll crush it with your music marketing! 1) Do Something Every […]

The 3 Hallmarks of a Successful Music Career

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” – Bill Cosby. As someone who works as a music career development author and coach, I find Mr. Cosby’s quote encouraging, because I don’t know the key to success either. However, what I can offer is a list […]

You know my name, look up my number…

– Or – make sure you write down where that name, number and business card came from. That old Beatles B side was a favorite of mine! As we get in to the bulk of the conference season with everything from Folk Alliance to SXSW and tons of other conferences, showcases and then immediately followed […]

The Musicians’ Guide to Google: Hot Tips to Maximize Your Google Experience

Google, in my humble opinion, is the most amazing invention since anything else I can really think of. And Google is not just a big search engine, although it would still be awesome if that’s all it did. Google has been offering a suite of incredibly powerful tools for years; way before ‘in the clouds’ […]

Recording Tip #34: Turning on the TV to check the mix

Recording tip #34: When printing a mix, I’ll often go to small speakers at low volume and turn on the TV to check the mix one last time This was another happy accident found when working. I was printing a mix, listening on my small speakers with the volume low. As it played, I turned […]

3 Ways to Pack Your Live Shows by Helping Others First

Admit it. You want butts in seats and feet in front of the stage. The venue requires drinks in hands and lots of transactions at the bar. And the promoter needs to see bodies through the door and lots of ticket sales. The solution to meeting everyone’s needs is simple: Get lots of people to […]

2 Must Haves for Your Music Career

The more I write and speak about building a long-term, successful career in music, the more I find myself returning to two primary “must haves” over and over again. Of course youʼd be correct if you think itʼs impossible to distill whatʼs needed to build your career (and letʼs be real honest, your life) into […]