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Archives for April 2014

Are These 2 Places YOU are Majoring in Minors?

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series 7 Deadly Sins

Last week I wrote about my list for success: the 7 Deadly Sins of an Artist. I developed this list because I believe that by learning from others’ mistakes, you can build a foundation for your own success. This week, let’s look at the Deadly Sin of “majoring in the minors.” Not only can majoring […]

Building Depth & Building a Career: Keith Andrew Grim

Keith Andrew Grim, vocalist, guitarist and songwriter from Dallastown, Pennsylvania, has been making a strong & steady growth in his concerts and his career. For the last 24 years, Keith has played at churches and community events, giving his audiences a mix of acoustic guitar & vocals influenced by folk/pop, classic rock, country, and classical […]

Is It a “Great Song Moment” – or More?

For those of you who have studied my Graph for putting your show together, you may recognize the term “Great Song Moment.” After you’ve played a couple of songs for your Intro Moment, then the 3rd song is that Great Song Moment. When I say “great song,” what I mean is a song that can […]

7 Deadly Sins: A list for success

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series 7 Deadly Sins

Years ago, I put together what I call the “7 Deadly Sins of an Artist.” While it may sound like a lot of negative doom and gloom, you need to understand that I see this list as a good reality check when it comes to making sure you are a success with your music. So […]

Leave Them Wanting More

In this video interview, I was asked, “How can I get my audience to engage enough to come back for another show or purchase my CD on the way out?” It’s a pretty simple answer: People buy moments, not songs. If you don’t create moments that emotionally connect, people will pass by your merch table […]

Amy Wolter at PopGun Entertainment Artist Development Event

Here is an exclusive opportunity to meet, perform for and be mentored ONE-ON-ONE by industry professionals! Dustin & Lindsey Kirkendall of PopGun Entertainment have arranged to have professionals from all areas of the entertainment industry (A&R, producers, songwriters, PR, booking, media outlets, artist managers, vocal coaches & more) to meet and mentor a small group […]

Stage Fright: Origin and Cure

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from artists is, “How do I deal with stage fright?” Well, if you’re talking about full-on panic attacks, you’ll need the help and guidance of a professional counselor! But if you’re talking about the common nervousness most performers have, then I can offer some advice. A […]

If You Don’t Believe ME, Listen to Winston

Remember this goal: to connect with your audience from stage. You may have nights where things don’t go as well as usual. Maybe you have a sore throat, maybe the strings break on your guitar, maybe you can’t hear because the venue’s sound is bad. But if you make people feel important, they’ll respond to […]

Brooke Turner Song & Critique Review Video

17-year-old Canadian Brooke Turner attended a Tom Jackson Bootcamp and showcased her original song, Life of the Party. As all the judges commented, her song was an excellent one, exactly right for radio play in the female pop genre! But for performance, it would be much more effective if it were edited. Extending the intro, […]

Don’t Be Number 10,001

Mark Cuban (Shark Tank, Dallas Mavericks) says: “When you’ve got 10,000 people trying to do the same thing, why would you want to be number 10,001?” Right now there are (at least) 10,000 bands and singers out there doing the same, dull live set of songs… just standing or sitting there, playing songs. And there […]