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Archives for January 2014

What Makes a Performance Great?

I’ve watched thousands of performances over the years and helped hundreds of artists with their performances. I’ve studied the art of creating more than just a “good” live show and how to replace it with something that’s great. I even developed an entire Live Music Method to help artists & bands perform well. So I […]

Your Music on YouTube

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series YouTube, Music, and You

By now I’m sure you realize the importance of YouTube in your marketing plan. Your fans want to see and hear you on an ongoing basis… it keeps them excited and in touch with what you’re doing. There are lots of ways to use YouTube to market yourself: showing backstage footage, tour clips, answering questions […]

It’s Not a Stage – It’s a Platform!

“We don’t entertain, we worship.” That’s the main resistance we get from worship artists and worship teams about Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method. This is a pretty common concern — and valid. When it comes to worship, we don’t treat that “audience/venue” the same as a band out doing shows and entertaining an audience. But […]

American Idol, Playing the Lottery, and Good Investments

American Idol starts again this week. Then in a few weeks, The Voice will begin its new season. The Sing Off, The X Factor, America’s Got Talent… all these shows continue season after season. And why not?! It’s exciting for the audience and the singers & bands. Who wouldn’t want the chance to have someone […]

Working the Table: Tour Support Training

You’ve signed up with a charity… you’ve got your appeal worked out from the stage… maybe you’ve even added some of the media and other ideas Tom has given in these videos so far… But it really doesn’t mean much unless you know how to work your table! After all, that’s where all those people […]

Anna Morgan Michel Song & Critique Review Video

As musicians, we understand the necessity of dynamics. Yet as live performers, we often forget the use of dynamics within each song, both musically and visually! In this makeover, Tom Jackson plus a judging panel, critique and give specific examples of how this young artist could use dynamics throughout her song.  She is told to leave “simmer […]

New Beginnings: Start with Endings

Before I tell you a little about “beginnings” and “endings,” you need some background information… I just finished getting Winter Jam started (Winter Jam is the largest tour in the world first quarter every year). There are ten acts – it’s like a traveling festival that goes to about 40+ cities. Each of the acts […]

It Should Be Obvious

Let’s pretend for a minute… instead of being the artist onstage, let’s say you’re the lighting director for a show. I understand you may not have a lot of experience with lighting – or maybe you have! But either way, would you put the same lights on for every song? Same lights, same lighting scheme, […]

Spotlight on Anna Morgan Michel: Heart Full of Songs!

Anna Morgan Michel is a girl with a guitar, a powerful voice, and a heart full of songs! She started singing at age two, by age six was writing her own songs, and now just 13 years old, Anna Morgan has already built a reputation as a singer and songwriter with a versatile style that […]