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Archives for December 2014

Top 3 Reasons Your Band Needs Us

I get it. If you’re like most bands out there, you think you already rock. After all, YOU feel it every time you play, right? That surge of adrenaline, that euphoric feeling music gives you. But, are you really paying attention to the crowd to see if THEY are feeling it too? The Tom Jackson […]

It’s a Groove Thing

Get yourself prepared emotionally before you walk out onstage! If you want to communicate with your audience, the quicker you can get into a “groove,” the better your show will be. Sports players often say they had a good game because they were “in a groove,” or they had a bad game because they never […]

3 Massive Mistakes Songwriters Make

In my recent blog, Frustrated With Your Music Career, I told you I have been connecting with old friends. (More about that in a minute…) Just to remind you what I had said in that article, I gave you four points to get more passionate about your career and less frustrated: What Is This “Vision” […]

Knowing a Little Science Can Help Your Appeal

I’m not a scientist. For that matter, I didn’t even enjoy science in school. So if you’re like me in that regard, just hang with me for a minute. Because this scientific study can make a huge impact on you getting sponsors for the charity you’re working with! There’s an area in your brain, the […]

4 Steps to a Unique Show

When explaining how to create a unique show, I always offer the analogy of building a house. There are 4 steps to making it happen. And for those of you who’ve worked with contractors to build a home recently, who are thinking to yourself right now, “Well, that’s pretty over simplified – 4 steps? What […]

Uncut Stones Impacts with Moments

A Christian progressive rock band, Uncut Stones isn’t always sure how they’ll be received in a secular setting. But with Tom Jackson’s inspiration, they’ve made recent impact through the “moments” they are creating. Two years ago, Dan & Melanie Browning began working on their original music, writing songs with a band. Although the duo had […]

How to Impress Your Audience

There are right ways to impress your audience. Things you can do to set yourself apart, to let your audience see who you really are, and to capture & engage the people watching you so they’ll never want to miss any of your shows. But few artists know the right ways — because they’re not […]

Emerging Artist Colin Huntley

Singer/songwriter Colin Huntley has accomplished a great deal in music and film, even though he’s just a senior in high school at The Austin School for Performing and Visual Arts! Based in Austin, this young guitarist/vocalist has seen emerging opportunities as he works to use his talents, develop his playing & singing abilities, and perfect […]

Colin Huntley Song & Critique Review Video

Your vocals are great, your playing is great, but the audience doesn’t seem to connect with your song every time. Could it be the arrangement isn’t the best? At the risk of sounding cliché, sometimes less is more. In this music makeover, Colin Huntley was shown how a chorus can be shortened to help make […]