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Archives for March 2014

Same Concepts, Uniquely Yours!

When I talk to people in the music industry about what I do, inevitably I run across people who say, “I know someone who does what you do!” Because what they’re thinking about is the visual. They may know a choreographer, a performance coach, or a vocal coach who helps someone hold the mic properly. […]

A Risky Rehearsal

Artists want to be spontaneous… and audiences want to see artists who are willing to take a risk onstage. But most artists believe that “spontaneity” is just (what I call) “winging it” onstage. In reality, being spontaneous is not making it up as you go, but rather comes out of form. The dictionary definition of […]

Watch Webinar Video: Creating Videos for YouTube

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series YouTube, Music, and You

When it comes to posting videos on YouTube, many artists have “creativity-block.” Other than posting a little live video a friend shot of a show somewhere, or spending thousands of dollars on a professionally staged & edited video, they can’t seem to come up with ideas. But when I wrote a series of blogs on […]

How to Gain Momentum for Your Music Career

I’ve seen it happen too many times – artists will work hard to get as many bookings as they can. They record a new CD and order t-shirts and trinkets for their merch table.  Some of them have an online strategy – at the show and afterwards. And a few of the smart ones have […]

Dan Peart Song & Critique Review Video

Dan Peart, singer/songwriter from Iowa, performed at our Tom Jackson Bootcamp showcase. The industry panel commented on his great confidence onstage, a unique sound with guitar and harmonica, and the good hook in his song. But it felt like a “bumpy” ride, where the momentum didn’t build consistently throughout the song. (This is very likely […]

Tom Jackson in Nashville at Music Industry Bootcamp

Hear What They Want! Then Learn How To Deliver! Held at the Scarritt-Bennett Center in Nashville, the Music Industry Bootcamp starts with a Friday evening showcase, and continues on through Saturday with sessions that will be invaluable to you in your music career. Rick Barker will show you step by step strategies on monetizing your […]

Audiences Want to Have Fun

Stand outside a concert hall, a club, a coffee house, and ask people why they are there and what they hope happens that evening. One of the most common things you’ll hear is “I want to have fun tonight.” So do you have fun in your show? Pay attention to what I’m asking – I’m […]

Audience Participation How-To

We’ve probably all been at shows, just minding our own business, enjoying the music, and the singer suddenly says, ‘C’mon now! Help us out!’ But then he goes on his merry way, leaving the audience to figure out what they’re supposed to be singing. There’s a right way to do this so the audience is […]