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Archives for October 2013

Your Audience Expects This

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Your Audience: Knowing & Loving Them

Most artists think because they feel the music, hear the lyrics, wrote the songs, picked the songs, love the songs, are emotional about the songs, and are connected to it all… that the audience is as well. That is one of the biggest myths of all time! Nobody could possibly know what you know, see […]

October Facebook Contest: YOU tell TOM what to do!

Have you ever wanted to open up our weekly email and see a blog written especially for you? Participate in our October Facebook contest and that dream could become a reality! We want YOUR ideas for Tom’s next blog. Whether it has to do with getting a vision for your show, developing charisma, using a […]

Why The Boss is The Boss

Sometimes it’s hard to explain to music purists why Tom’s Live Music Method is important to learn and why your live show is so important. That’s why I love reading reviews and hearing people talk about their own experiences watching a great performance. The following review was written by Steve Harrison at reporterconnection.com (the original […]

Tracy Abney Song & Critique Review Video

We all know Tom is into sports analogies (35 references to baseballs, footballs, & basketballs alone in his book!). But the remarks made by industry panel songwriter Rick Elias (Tom Hanks’ That Thing You Do) to Tracy Abney (our Bootcamp showcase artist in this video) call out for that famous quote from Yogi Berra: “Baseball […]

4 Ways to Move: Get Comfortable With It

I’ve taught this for years – and yet I still find many artists either don’t understand or they don’t believe it. Or maybe they’re confused about the “why” and “how” of the whole thing. It’s a simple enough concept: you need to move onstage. Remember how important the visual is for your audience? It’s 55% […]

It’s a Mistake if You’re Just Playing Songs

It is a distinct craft and art to create the “hit” song. That’s why the best producers in the world get paid extraordinary sums – to produce those hits for the artist! But even well written songs don’t necessarily become hits. If that were the case, the well crafted, lyrically clever, well arranged, tens of […]

Media & Your Appeal: Tour Support Training

Using media can be an important part of your onstage appeal. You’ve heard the expression “a picture is worth 1,000 words” – well, media can be just the supportive picture your audience needs to understand exactly what you are talking about and why they should sponsor a child. There are 4 ways to use media […]

The “Create your OWN Industry” Telesummit, November 4-7, 2013

Friend and colleague, Jo-Ná Williams and Section 101 have created an incredible 4 day online event bringing together 15 of the most experienced, innovative and forward-thinking experts in music, including Tom Jackson to share with you the TRUTH about creating a career in today’s music industry. And you don’t even have to leave the comfort […]

Extend Your Set List: What to do for 90 Minutes

I get this a lot: “Your Graph is great for a 45-60 minute set list… but we play 90 minute shows.” And I hear this question to accompany it, “should we just repeat the Graph?” The short answer is no. But I want you to understand a little more about the reasoning behind it all. […]