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Archives for January 2011

Moby on Panel with Tom Jackson at New Music Seminar

New Music Seminar, the innovative future of music conference, has announced the final schedule and speaker line up for its Los Angeles conference, February 14-16 at the Sheraton Universal Hotel with nightly performances at The Music Box/Henry Fonda Theater and the Roxy. (See Final Schedule & Speakers here…) The event’s “Fourth Movement: The Creative Quartet” […]

Tyranny of the Urgent or the Important Stuff?

Ever heard the saying “the tyranny of the urgent supersedes the important?” Sometimes the things that land on my desk or the calls that come into the office simply scream to be taken care of, and I never get to the things that (to me) are the most important in my life. This is truly […]

Passion Meets Profit: How to Make Money with Your Music

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to succeed in music, follow your passion, do what you love and the money will follow, etc. In this video clip, I examine two common (but confusing) money-making ideas, dissect them, and reveal what I believe to be the truth about attaining financial success with your […]

The Days You Live For

I was just taking a look back over the last few years and all the great artists I’ve had the privilege of working with and am so proud of what they are accomplishing in their careers. I feel grateful to have had a part in working with all of them on their live performances. Here’s […]

7 Things I Hope for the New Music Industry in 2011

This feature article is dense with advice and action steps for you in 2011! I originally wrote for Hypebot.com, but as you know I’m all about action; I felt like a list without actionable steps for artists is well, just not my style. So, I added some action ideas to each of my 7 hopes […]

Tom Jackson in Nashville, TN on 09/09/11


Tom Jackson in Nashville, TN on 04/29/11


Tom Jackson in Toronto on 03/12/11


Tom Jackson in Charlottetown, PEI on 04/14/11


Tom Jackson in Boston, MA on 03/25/11