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It All Depends

A couple of months ago I wrote about the huge number of CDs I bring home with me after an event where I’ve taught. It’s because a lot of artists at those events hand me their CD and say, “I’d love for you to listen to this and tell me what you think.” So I […]

Dating Your Audience

It’s crucial to understand your audience! I can show people how to do things, where to do things – but the real key to making a career of this thing called music is to know why to do things… Watch this video that I recorded at Brett Manning’s Singing Success studio to get a glimpse […]

Getting a Vision for Your Show

My new All Roads Lead to the Stage 7-DVD set is getting rave reviews from people all around the world. Here’s what some of you are saying – “these DVDS are fantastic,” “I’ve been waiting for years to get these,” and “absolutely awesome – I love it!” If you haven’t taken a look at them […]