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You’ve Got the Look (we hope)

Lots of artists defend their show, saying “It’s all about the music,” or “people just come to hear our songs.” In other words, if we’re serious about coming to their concerts, we shouldn’t care what they do or how they look. Wrong. Whether the artist likes it or not, the audience has expectations when going […]

Bono Has It – So Can You

Ask yourself this, how do you learn a new song? Do you just wing it? Of course not! First you learn with your head – you learn the words to the song, the melody, the chords – you just try to get it into your head. Maybe you have the music in front of you […]

The Same But Different

If you know me, you know that I work with pretty much every music genre there is. I’ve worked with hard rock, hip-hop, pop, country, bluegrass, folk music – I’ve even worked with speakers, comedians and – well, you fill in the blanks! I’ve also had the privilege of working with Christian/Gospel artists and worship teams. Worship teams are pretty unique. But there are similarities between them and other groups I’ve worked with, too.