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Bob Dylan and Writing Something to Sing About

“The world don’t need no more songs.” Bob Dylan He has a point, while sort of missing the point altogether.We write songs because we like to sing.People like to sing.They want to sing along with us.So, we write songs they can sing with us. Rick EliasAlong with releasing 3 critically acclaimed solo projects, Rick was […]

SongBlox™ Pt. 1 – The Foundations of Song Structure

The key word here is structure. Think of your song as a house you’re building. A wonderful, inviting, or simply interesting place that folks want to visit over and again. Your chorus is the foundation and roof, the living room and kitchen. It’s the highest place and that which supports everything else, the top and […]

Don’t Bore Us… Get to the Chorus!

…of course, this is assuming you have written a memorable and enjoyable chorus to your song. You did this, didn’t you? What? You’ve written 5 verses, and that lame refrain you repeat over and over is your chorus? Don’t call us, we’ll call you. Ok, don’t feel bad. Most of us are inclined to start […]

On Becoming a Student

There are many things which characterize songwriters. Tenacity, a gift for observation and dialogue, a love of language, thick skin… However, I think the most common trait I’ve seen, at least among the best of them, is they’re students of the craft. They may write rock, country, pop, r&b – but you can bet they’re […]