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Artist Tour Support: Training to Make it Work for YOU!

Welcome to the Artist Tour Support Training area of Backstage Pass! Now that you’re an artist associated with a charity, we want to help you make it work for YOU.

The Key is Persistence

Use the same persistence you’ve used in making your music work. The only way to fail a child sponsorship pitch is to quit.

But there are concepts & techniques to make it more successful. Within this Training Program, we lay out a method for you to learn, study, and use. When put into action, these techniques will ensure you give the strongest, most effective appeal possible.

Remember, artists who successfully bring inspiration to people have taken the time to develop and rehearse what they’re going to say to their audiences. They don’t just wing it. So, whether your appeal is a short mention, worked in & around one song, or the point of the whole concert … give it the appropriate time and attention by thinking it through, writing it out, woodshedding it, and devoting time to it in rehearsal.

If done properly, it will create that life changing moment your audience came for!

How to Make Use of this Training

The following is a list of our training videos and articles, with a suggested order of study. As we add more videos and articles to this Training Area, we will include them in the following table of contents. So be sure and check back here often for updates (you may want to BOOKMARK THIS PAGE):


I. Welcome to Tour Support video

II. Let’s Get Started

a. ChildFund International video
b. Holt International video
c. Food for the Hungry video (coming soon)
d. Potter’s Field video (coming soon)
e. Project AK-47 video (coming soon)
f. Kids Alive International video  (coming soon)
g. World Vision Canada video  (coming soon)

III. Your Appeal from the Stage video

More Sample Appeals (coming soon)

IV. Media & Your Appeal video

V. Connecting the Audience with a Child video

VI. Working the Table video

VII. Q&A with Tom Jackson video

VIII. Unique Articles to Answer Questions You’ve Emailed Us About:

a. Your Appeal When You Aren’t Playing Music
b. Talking Points for an Interview (coming soon)
c. Ask About It – Key Things to Find Out From Your Charity (coming soon)

Your Exclusive Backstage Access

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  • When logged in, you’ll see your user name in the top right corner of every page, and you’ll see a special navigation bar that includes Rehearsal Room Video – go there to review the most recently uploaded Tour Support Training Videos. (We also have a link at the bottom of every training page that will bring you back to the table of contents above.)
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