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We’re happy to help our Backstage Pass members with any questions or difficulties they may have, but we ask that you please check these FAQs before you write.

  1. Why am I unable to login?

    If you forgot your Username or your Password, please click here. Once you enter your e-mail address, you will instantly receive an e-mail with your login credentials.

    If you know your username and password, but cannot login to the Backstage Pass area, it may be that your Pass is no longer active because of an expired or invalid credit card. You may need to update your account information. Please fill out the contact form below to inquire how to do that, or give our business office a call at 615.591.0910.

  2. How do I change my email address or other contact information?

    You can change your email address and password by clicking here.

    You will not be able to change your Username. However, you can change your email address, name, password, etc.

  3. How do I upgrade my Backstage Pass?

    It's simple! Just follow these steps:
    1) Click here to upgrade to a Monthly or Yearly Backstage Pass: Backstage Pass Profile
    2) You will automatically be upgraded to whichever Backstage Pass you choose, with recurring payments scheduled every 30 days (Monthly Backstage Pass) or 365 days (Yearly Backstage Pass).
    3) Your login information will remain the same.

  4. When does my Backstage Pass expire?

    Backstage Passes are automatically renewed every 30 days (for the Monthly Pass) and every 365 days (for the Yearly Pass).

    For example, if you purchase a Monthly Backstage Pass on May 1st, your subscription will renew automatically on May 31st, unless you cancel it or upgrade to a Yearly Pass prior to May 31st.

  5. How do I cancel my Backstage Pass?

    We're sorry to see you go! To cancel, simply fill out the contact form below and let us know. Your account will stay active until the end of the monthly or yearly period you've already paid for.

  6. Why do the Backstage Videos sometimes seem to do a lot of stopping, starting, and buffering when I watch them? YouTube and some other online videos don't take that long to download!

    The speed of your download is dependent on where you are located and the speed of your internet service. Our videos are all posted in a Large Format and may require a little more time to download. We do this in order to have the best quality video possible at an optimum download speed. As a comparison, YouTube Videos are served in the lowest quality (although there is an option to increase quality if you desire).

    The best solution if you are having trouble is to wait a bit for the video to load, and then play it. This will reduce or eliminate the buffering you may be experiencing.

    If you are having more than a 10 second delay before the video loads, you might check this speed test site: Vzaar Speed Test. And please let us know via our Contact Form below if you are unable to troubleshoot the problem – we are happy to help!

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