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Archives for July 2014

Misdirection and Upstaging: Mistakes you can Avoid

Avoidable mistakes are usually done out of ignorance. Or they come from not being prepared correctly. These are 2 that are definitely avoidable: Misdirection — drawing the attention of the audience away from what they should be paying attention to; and Upstaging — diverting attention from someone else to yourself. Misdirection is actually one of […]

I Could Have Sold Guitars

Years ago I had to make a decision. I’d been playing in a band for quite a while. I’d helped build a studio and done some producing, engineering, and mixing. But I was on the verge of getting married, was a little tired of life on the road… I had to make a career decision. […]

Tom Answers Your Questions: Tour Support Training

You probably have questions about the Tour Support Program, your appeal, and more. I want to answer them! Because if I can help you with what you do for your charity, you’ll get better response from your audiences, and (bottom line) more children will be sponsored. To get the ball rolling, I had a few […]

Sit Down So I Can Hear: Graphing the Perfect Set List Video Pt 7

This entry is part 7 of 8 in the series Graphing the Perfect Set List

Any of you who have read my book, been to a Bootcamp, or studied my DVDs, can probably recite the 3 reasons an audience comes to your show: to be captured and engaged, to experience moments, to have their lives changed. With this next Moment in your show, you have the potential to change some […]

Timing is Everything (When it Comes to Moments)

It was a torturously slow rehearsal. Imagine your movie downloading on Netflix, seeing the little spinning wheel, waiting for the streaming speed to work its way up from 0.2 — that’s the way this rehearsal felt! I was working alongside Tom with a major artist, and the pace of the day was so much slower than […]

Making it in the Music Industry: 3 Things that Must Happen

Are you trying to “make it” in the music industry? You have the talent, you feel like your songs are good, and you’ve got a passion to do this thing called “music.” You’re special. You are confident that what you have to share with your music is unique. Now you need to get someone to […]

7 Basic Mic Stand Techniques

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Your 5 Onstage Tools

A fig leaf… or a microphone stand. Which one do you use? That may sound like a strange question. But I’ve noticed that most artists prefer hiding their nakedness by standing behind a mic stand (unlike Adam and Eve who chose the fig leaf). You know what I’m talking about: you’re standing on the stage […]

Summer Sweat (for Success!)

Vacation from the drudgery of work & stale daily routines… sunny beaches and sounds of surf & seagulls… boating with the feel of wind & salt spray in your face… Summer means ‘play time,’ right? Ever since Kindergarten, we were conditioned to know summer meant no school and a lot of goofing off. We still […]

Jackson Thatcher Song & Critique Review Video

Most performers don’t realize their audience doesn’t know or understand everything they are doing or saying. When Jackson Thatcher performed at a Tom Jackson Bootcamp showcase recently, he assumed the audience knew who Jason Scheff was (bassist & singer for the band Chicago). So when speaking to your audience, Tom says, explain, make it interesting, […]

Big Fun: Graphing the Perfect Set List Video Part 6

This entry is part 6 of 8 in the series Graphing the Perfect Set List

Oftentimes when I talk to artists about this next Moment, they look at me like I’m a little crazy, and then say something like, “our whole show is fun!” OK, that’s good. But I’m not always sure what they mean. Do they mean they have a lot of fun onstage? Because that’s definitely not what […]