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Archives for May 2010

Robert Grows Up

Tomorrow I’m heading down to Orlando to work with 17-yr-old singer Robert Pierre. He and his band from Nashville are getting ready for a festival gig down there this weekend. Four years ago when I first met and worked with Robert, Amy WolterAs a trained Live Music Producer for Tom Jackson Productions, Amy Wolter brings […]

Killing Two Birds with One Stone

One of my best friends in the music industry says “more than a manager, more than a record label, more than a hit on the radio…what an artist needs is great publicity.” So he hires a publicist to write things about him and his music that sometimes (oftentimes?) stretch the truth. He can look good […]

Bootcamp Meets Rock Band

Recently, we were in Virginia Beach in front of a theatre full of Army personnel from all over the country. Tom and I put one of the US Army’s rock bands, USA Express, onstage and worked with them, taking a song and creating moments to connect with the audience. And we heard and saw it […]

Parents: Get Your Questions Answered

“My child’s got talent – what do I do next?” Parents, here’s the dilemma: you’ve got a child, they’ve shown interest in being a musician or a singer, and you’re not in the music business. So what steps do you take to help them? Tom JacksonTom is uniquely talented and skilled at transforming an artist’s […]

UK’s Martyn & Stewart Tour Ontario

Congrats to UK singer-songwriter Martyn Joseph and BBC Radio’s Stewart Henderson on their first duo tour in Canada! They will be performing their popular show in venues across Ontario in a tour supporting the work of World Vision Canada. And because of my affiliation with World Vision Canada, you can go to any of their Canadian […]

Dancing Deacons Replace the Pips

I recently received an email from Sally Quick of The Quicks. She was explaining how they had used my teaching DVDs to create a fun moment in their concert that has been getting YouTube play with churches all over the country! Apparently The Quicks, who are a Southern Gospel group, do a song called “It’s […]

Your Matrix: The Red Pill is Hard to Swallow

So the question from last week (Red Pill or Blue Pill) was “I saw you work with that artist, but what should I do?” Thanks for weighing in on what you think artists are really asking! There were some great comments: “We can’t stop learning…I’ve been to several of your conferences…I think the biggest thing […]