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Archives for January 2010

Tom Jackson at Post-Grammy New Music Seminar

On February 2, immediately following the 2010 Grammy Awards, Tom Jackson and other major industry players will be teaching at the New Music Seminar (NMS) in Los Angeles at The Henry Fonda Theater. Leaders from across the front edges of music, technology and beyond will speak and share ideas during this one day music, networking […]

I Just Wanna Be Famous

As I watched American Idol last Tuesday night, one thing that struck me was the desire for so many people to just be famous. Either legitimately (with talent) or illegitimately (with outrageousness or lack of talent.) Obviously, some just try to get their 15 minutes of fame by doing whatever they can to get some […]

Simon Says: Time to Leave American Idol

I have to admit, I am a “take it, or leave it” type of guy when it comes to American Idol. There are some seasons I am into it, and there are some seasons I don’t watch it until the finals! I guess you could say I have mixed emotions about the whole phenomenon. Scott […]

Go Army! – Part Two

Last week I wrote about an Army band I worked with up in Maryland a few weeks ago, Raw Materiel. They were definitely Willing to Fight and Rock Right. I promised I’d let you know about some of the other ideas I gave them for what someone can do who’s not singing lead onstage. Singing […]

What’s Your Music Prediction for 2010?

So, what does 2010 hold for the Music Business? Well, if you are like me, you are probably baffled about what has happened to the Music Biz over the past few years. If we had a crystal ball to look into, it sure would make it a lot easier on all of us. However, since […]

My Guarantee for Your New Year

Happy new year, everybody! As 2010 begins, a lot of you have resolved to pursue your music and give it a good shot. You’re excited about the future. You have a vision for what your music career could be. I want to be a part of helping you fulfill that vision. I’ve been fortunate enough […]

Willing to Fight and Rock Right – Go Army!

It was one of the best…no, THE best crab cake I’ve ever consumed! The drummer had recommended the restaurant to me. Drummers know their food, I guess because they burn it off so fast! That meal was a great ending to my first day with Amy WolterAs a trained Live Music Producer for Tom Jackson […]