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Tom Jackson Live Webinar on 3/27/12: Make ’em Laugh, Make ’em Cry

Tom Jackson wants you to learn how to emotionally connect with your audience. It happens when you’ve created moments for them!

Get your Backstage Pass now, so you can hear from Tom himself about how to create 2 of the moments he says are crucial to your set list: the Fun Moment and the Touching Moment.

Learn how you can find these moments in your songs, work out ideas in rehearsal, and connect with your audience in a way you never have before!

This Live Webinar is FREE to all Backstage Pass members.

There’s a limited number of spaces available for this valuable teaching, so Register Today – Backstage Pass required…

Tom Jackson's Onstage Success

Tom Jackson Productions wants you to be a great performer with a great show! We want you to create such forward momentum for what you are doing that it is contagious! Our desire is to see you, “the artist,” succeed.

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