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Onstage Success Workshop Live Music Makeover Application

Live Music Makeover Information:

1) A Live Music Producer will to tweak the performance and demonstrate to all the attendees what can be done to immediately make a performance more compelling.
2) Each session will range from 45 – 60 minutes long.
3) Artists must submit 3 songs, 1 very high energy song, 1 slower tempo and 1 of your choosing. Please know that we many only be able to work with you on one or two songs.
4) One solo artist and one band will be selected to participate.
5) Please try to complete the form as much as possible, incomplete or missing information will only decrease our information on you.
6) Any equipment needs will be the responsibility of the artist, although we can assist you in making arrangements if you choose to rent equipment locally. Basic sound is supplied (speakers, monitors, wired mics, stands, cords, DI boxes). You must supply your own instrument(s), amp (if needed), and any specialized equipment.
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