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Interview with Amy Wolter and Carol Z

Amy: Carol Z and I go way back; meeting when we were both in bands, and have stayed friends for all these years.  She’s based out of Minneapolis and is still out doing shows and keeping very busy. Since she was in town recently, I grabbed the opportunity to interview her and thought it would […]

Musicians’ Most Common Mistakes – Part 7: Mistaking Practice for Rehearsal

This entry is part 7 of 8 in the series Conversations with Tom and Amy

This blog / video on mistaking practice for rehearsal is the seventh in a series we’ve put together to answer YOUR questions. Links to the first six video blogs are at the bottom of this post. We began by answering one of the most asked questions: What are the most common mistakes musicians make in […]

Won’t the Audience Get Bored?

I was doing an interview at Singing Success awhile back and I was asked, “Tom, if everyone buys your DVDs and learns your Live Music Methods, won’t all the audiences figure it out and get bored?” Simple answer – “No!”  I don’t teach what I teach so that everyone looks the same.  In fact, I teach […]

It’s Okay to Drink the Water

A lot of artists tell me they feel great playing their songs – they like their songs, they play them well, they’ve worked on developing moments. But they don’t feel so great between the songs! I’ve even had artists tell me they don’t know when to take a drink of water. They’re afraid the audience […]

Leave Them Wanting More

In this video interview, I was asked, “How can I get my audience to engage enough to come back for another show or purchase my CD on the way out?” It’s a pretty simple answer: People buy moments, not songs. If you don’t create moments that emotionally connect, people will pass by your merch table […]

You Need to Play by the Rules

One of my favorite pastimes is playing board games with my wife and neighbors. A glass of wine and some fun competition makes a relaxing, leisurely evening for me! But those games wouldn’t be much fun if we didn’t play by the rules. It’s playing within the rules that challenges us to compete for the […]

The Audition: Show and Hide

Have you been watching The Voice? The X-Factor? Or one of the other myriad of shows that feature the 1-song audition? As a singer, a musician, a band member, an artist of any kind, you will probably need to audition at least one time in your career. And that one time may be your one […]

You’ve Got 15 Minutes to Wow Them

Here’s the deal: you’ve got 15 minutes to play because you’re just before the speaker, or you’re at a festival where that’s all the time they’ve given you, or maybe you’re opening for someone… So what do you do? How do you “wow” your audience in those few minutes? I can tell you what you […]

Female Musician Online Interview – Tom Jackson Part 1 of 4 Video

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Female Musician Online Interview - Tom Jackson

Multiple streams of revenue is the smart way to make it in the music business. A majority of your revenue comes from your live show. Learn about the “streams” of income you can use from your live show to make a living, and about the basics that go into making your live show be the […]

Female Musician Online Interview – Tom Jackson Part 2 of 4 Video

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Female Musician Online Interview - Tom Jackson

Tom talks about “roles” onstage. Just like the roles of the players on a professional ball team, each member of the band needs to correctly fulfill their roles in a band. Also, learn how someone onstage communicates to their audience; and hear Tom’s true story of “dude, it’s me!” This video interview with Vivian Clement […]