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Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass to Music Success

Access to the industry, answers to questions about your live show, and valuable info & online videos to help you be a successful performing musician.

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Live Music Method & All Roads Lead to the Stage DVDs

SAVE $190 when you buy the complete set of 10 DVDs! Learn the Live Music Methods that artists pay thousands for when attending these LIVE workshops! These 10 DVDs are available for just $399.95 and are great for artists in every genre — pop/rock, country, folk, singer/songwriter, and more! 10-Disk DVDs

Band Workshop

Band Workshop

The perfect supplement to the All Roads Lead to the Stage 7-DVD set if you’re in a band! Bands and artists who’ve learned from Tom Jackson have had hundreds of #1 songs, sold millions of records, and played to countless millions live. Yet the information on this DVD will help any band. 1-Disk DVD

Live Music Makeover - Reins

Live Music Makeovers

We’ve all been captivated by makeovers we’ve seen on TV transformed right before our eyes! Whether it’s redesigning a room, changing a person’s image on “What Not To Wear,” or transforming an entire house on “Extreme Home Makeover,” we are fascinated by the process and the result. Watch Tom Jackson’s Live Music Makeovers are the same, watch him transform the performance. 1 – Disk DVD

Expressive Worship

Expressive Worship

You’d like your worship team to engage your congregation in praise, to communicate the message fully, and to transform your times of worship.These workshops can help you achieve those goals. And watch as Tom works hands-on and rearranges popular worship songs you can use, too! 2 DVDs

Live in Kansas City Audio Series

Live in Kansas City – Audio CDs

In this 2-day Christian conference, Tom discusses the seven essential principles for a successful music ministry. 7-CD set