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I want you to succeed! I want to change the way you think about what you do onstage, offer you tools that will train and equip you for the opportunities that come along, and give you a resource for continuing your education and development in this process of mastering the stage.” Tom Jackson

 Live Music Method & All Roads Lead to the Stage 10-DVD Set

Revolutionize your concert into an unforgettable experience for your audience! Complete Package: 10 DVDs includes Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method & 7 Deadly Sins of an Artist 3-DVD set, PLUS the 7-DVD set All Roads Lead to the Stage.

$495 $299 – Plus FREE SHIPPING!

Most music artists mistakenly believe they need only scribble a set list and sing the songs to satisfy an audience. In this amazing system, Tom asks and answers, “If your songs don’t all sound the same, why should they look the same?” With simple adjustments and practical stage principles, you’ll never have to guess how your shows go over again.

In 21 sessions on 10 DVDs, Tom covers things like asserting your authority onstage, developing a clear vision for your show, and how to make a real living in the music biz.

Live Music Producer Tom Jackson is a master at creating unforgettable “moments” in artists’ concerts. Observe as Tom works hands-on with artists like yourself, transforming them, sometimes from awkward amateurs into confident pros onstage.

These DVDs are one of the best investments you can make!

“I had my eye on these DVDs for over a year before I purchased them. I finally bit the bullet, dropped the cash, and got schooled by Tom. I wish I’d have done it sooner! My live shows are getting better and better, and people are buying more and more merch, at shows and online.” Brandon McLean, indie artist

You Get

21 sessions on 10 DVDs

Live Music Method/ 7 Deadly Sins – 3 DVDs

All Roads Lead to the Stage – 7 DVDs

Live Music Method & All Roads - 10 DVDs

You could spend over $2,000 on these workshops. Take advantage of this package offer from Tom Jackson today!

$495 $299 – Plus FREE SHIPPING!