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Kids Alive International

Kids Alive International… Rescuing Children… Restoring Communities

Millions of children in the developing world live in desperate, life-threatening situations. Orphaned, abused and neglected, they often end up on the streets begging just to survive. Many are victimized by predators and have nowhere to turn and no one to help care for them.

The facts are heartbreaking:

  • Over 25,000 children die each day, most from preventable causes
  • 1/4 of all children live in poverty, nearly 1/3 of all children are malnourished
  • Nearly one in five children do not have access to clean drinking water
  • More than 130 million children (mostly girls) do not attend school; millions more receive very little education

Kids Alive International is a Christian faith mission dedicated to rescuing orphans and vulnerable children – meeting their spiritual, physical, educational and emotional needs. They provide children with the love and care every child deserves, and raise them to be contributing members of their society and witnesses to their family and community.

Kids Alive International began in 1916 in Shantung Province, China, when missionaries Leslie and Ava Anglin began taking in homeless Chinese children. From those humble beginnings, Kids Alive today has expanded worldwide, helping care for thousands of children in 14 of the poorest countries through residential homes, care centers and schools.

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