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Archives for April 2016

Using Cues: Don’t Wing It!

       I just returned from an AWESOME three week trip to Australia.         I experienced a stunning amount of music at the WOMAD Festival (pictured), in clubs, at my workshop and at the Fringe Festival.  There were artists of all types: from one guy with a guitar to a group of […]

The Mother of All Gigs…The 4-Hour Set

     Recently an article came through my Facebook feed that caught my attention.  The writer had his theory about why bands are setting themselves up for failure by playing 4-hour bar gigs.  I know there are a lot of you doing this and feel the frustration and pressure of holding an audience’s attention through […]

Under Pressure

Hey everybody,       Here’s a blog from an artist I’ve worked with in the past, Jessica Ridley. As I mentioned in my book, there are multiple ways to get prepared to walk on stage and she found her way like this… “This is for all my high strung singers out there. 🙂  I think I […]