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Archives for April 2015

Tom Jackson Here

Tom Jackson here. Hope all is well! Last week, some of you may have seen that one of the artists I’ve worked with debuted at #1 on Billboard. As I reflected on it, I realized that 3 artists I’ve worked with have topped the Billboard charts this year. That number doesn’t include artists I’ve worked […]

Help! My Band Doesn’t Get It!

It’s a tough thing when one member of a band is tuned in to the importance of actually ‘performing’ for an audience, but other members of the band aren’t. We invariably run into this a lot, typically because one member of a band, or the artists’ manager has seen what we can do to take […]

5 Do’s to Optimize Your Success

If you are a songwriter, you know… there are basic rules to follow when writing for radio. The normal structure goes intro/ verse/ chorus/ verse/ chorus/ bridge/ chorus. It’s important to have it the right length (about 3 1/2 minutes long), and be sure and get to the chorus within the first minute (sooner, if possible). And so […]

Meghna Mahambrey Song & Critique Review Video

Some songs aren’t necessarily meant for radio airplay… but that doesn’t mean they can’t (or shouldn’t) be a part of a great set! However, the way you perform them, musically, verbally, and visually, does need to be approached differently when it comes to your live performance of them. In this case, you’ll hear Tom explain one of the […]

Caravan of Thieves: Beauty & Danger of Love on KISS KISS

Gypsy folk troubadours Caravan of Thieves just released their new album, KISS KISS, and have started their spring tour across the US, sharing their passion for all things creative, colorful, and visionary! When Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni of Caravan of Thieves first met, there was an instant spark, an intimate connection and passion for life and […]