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Archives for September 2014

Bootcamp 2014

Thanks for coming to Bootcamp 2014! I could write a long article about the entire event, what happened, who was there, how much fun it was, and more. But I’d much rather hear from you. Can you help me tell the story of Bootcamp 2014 in Nashville? Comment below and tell us: 1) What was […]

Get Creative Before the Show

Most people think planning their live show will make it less creative or even make it boring. They’re “artists,” after all, and real artists are spontaneous, instinctive, organic, led by the Spirit… you name it. Really, it’s what I call “winging it.” Unfortunately for most musicians, planning and preparation means to: learn the songs in […]

Performers: It’s About Them

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Your Audience: Knowing & Loving Them

For years, people have been asking what (or who) it’s all about. Whether it’s a question of why we go to work, who the best player on the team is, or just generally what life is all about, we want to know what our focus is supposed to be. When it comes to your live […]

Donna Clark & Grant Harrison Song & Critique Review Video

Practice in “performance mode,”!  This will help you vocally as well as visually and musically. Singer Donna Clark drove in from Virginia with a dream in her heart and the desire to fight through her stage fright.  Although she had signed up to do a showcase piece, it wasn’t until she was at Bootcamp that […]

Why Knowing Your Audience is Crucial to Planning Your Success

What are you focused on? I mean with your music. On songwriting? On how well you play your instrument? On booking shows, getting a manager, or handling your social media? Most of you know my main focus is on the live show. That’s because I believe it’s where an artist gets the most satisfaction, fulfills […]

4 Ways to Help Your Audience Listen When Lyrics are Important

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Your 5 Onstage Tools

The garden hose was stuck on the faucet. (Being the strong guy I am, I guess I’d put it on too tight.) My solution: get out a pliers and start twisting on it with all my might. Result: the hose is still stuck and now it’s getting crimped. My wife, the true handywoman of the […]

You Can Learn Charisma

It’s 1979 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Newly signed Warner artist Prince had just finished a showcase. Warner had a problem. Prince wasn’t good enough to take out on tour. So what’s a label to do? They sent him into the studio to record a second album. (And that’s a whole-nuther subject which I won’t get into […]

Which ebook Format for Tom’s Book?

I’ve been tasked with the job of getting Tom’s Live Music Method Book ready for ebook publishing. Yikes! Where do I begin? There are numerous kinds of formats to use. For instance, the Kindle version is called .mobi. And then there’s the ePUB format which works for anyone who wants to read it on iBooks, […]