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Archives for March 2013

What Springsteen Says

In an interview, Bruce Springsteen commented on his live shows and why he’s had such success. He said “record sales go up and down… we tour a lot and we’ve had a pretty consistent audience.” So the question is, why has he had a consistent audience? Well, Springsteen says “in the end, music is an […]

A Trip to the Woodshed!

Ever hear the term “woodshedding” when a musician talks about needing some intense practice? (You jazzers may have heard it as ‘sheddin!) According to some urban dictionaries, the phrase comes from a woodshed being the place where you “sharpen your axe.” I just spent time in Toronto at Canadian Music Week and heard plenty of […]

Billy Joel Takes a Chance

You may have seen a recent clip making the rounds, of Billy Joel speaking to students at Vanderbilt University, here in Nashville. The well-known artist was headliner recently for what Vandy called “An Evening of Questions and Answers and a Little Bit of Music.” As he takes questions from the audience, one student asks if […]

A Great Show Doesn’t Happen by Accident

As musicians, we are emotionally attached to our music. With that attachment, we often lose perspective. I’m not asking you to emotionally detach from your songs when you perform live, but I am asking you to look at it from the audience’s point of view. Why does your audience show up? What are they hoping […]

Too Much, Too Soon – Instrumentally Speaking

Don’t sing? Wondering how to best kick off your show? If you’re a talented player, I know the temptation you have is to come out and really wow the crowd. After all, you’ve got to ‘show ‘em what you can do’ right? Wrong. Well, if you’re doing a set of 15 minutes or longer, that […]

The Rebel Artists’ Mastermind

Tom Jackson is a featured speaker on the “Rebel Artists’ Mastermind – 12 Experts Speak Out On Making Audacious Money From Your Creative Work,” for the performing artist. Musician & creative thinker Leanne Regalla set up this library of audio interviews. “Many successful writers/artists/musicians I talk to would like nothing better than to see the […]

David Yonker Song & Critique Review Video

When David Yonker attended our Road Show Bootcamp, he didn’t have his full band with him – only Keith Amos, his guitar player. But that didn’t stop them from performing a song at the showcase, and it didn’t stop them from learning how to draw in the audience in a more acoustic setting! Watch this […]

Listen Up! Wanna Talk?

Have you ever answered the ice breaker, “If you could talk to anyone for an hour, who would it be?” It’s not easy to answer quickly, but I’ve come up with a few people I can use as my standard answer: Jesus: I’d like to ask why the world was created, what he was thinking […]