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Archives for February 2011

I Don’t Do Choreography

Years ago, I was in Florida hanging out with a friend. He introduced me to the whole Orlando scene at the time: Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men, New Kids on the Block, and Creed (not sure where that fits!). I was also introduced to Janet Jackson’s manager. We talked for a few hours, and after […]

Divine Brown Performing on Tom Jackson Panel at CMW

Canadian singer Divine Brown has been confirmed as the selected artist for Tom Jackson’s “Live Music Makeover” panel at Canadian Music Week, on Saturday March 12, from 4-6pm. Divine and her band will be performing two of their newest hits; then Tom will break down the arrangement of one of those songs to demonstrate the […]

Grammy Ramblings – Moments Made and Missed

So, who was watching the Grammy’s last Sunday and what were the highlights for you? There were some great moments for sure… and some not-so great. Here are some random thoughts from my personal perspective. Awesome musical moments? One was definitely the song Jolene, played and sung by Keith Urban, John Mayer and Norah Jones. […]

What Do You Listen To, Tom?

It’s great being in LA during Grammy weekend and going to the After Grammy’s New Music Seminar. Music, music everywhere! People ask me all the time, “what kind of music do you listen to, Tom?” Of course the standard aswer is… everything! Because I don’t want to appear ignorant, cliche, shallow, or biased. I admit, […]

Mystery of the Sunday Soloist

There’s a mystery to solve here at Tom Jackson Productions, and I’d like to get to the bottom of it! We got an e-mail from Glenda, who sings solos at her church every few weeks. She’s only been singing for a year, and said for awhile the people seemed to enjoy it – clapping and […]

Get on the Phone with Tom!

Good news! We are scheduling an Artist Tour Support conference call and thought you might be interested in trying to hook up with us for this one! Tom Jackson will be on this phone call, along with representatives from the various charities he works with to help artists such as yourself. You can hear about […]

Don’t Miss the Moment

We are always talking about getting a plan for your show. Mining the moments in your songs, rehearsing them, mapping out what they should look like, and so on. This is crucial in becoming a great performer, and we help artists learn how to do this very thing. Once you’ve laid the groundwork with a […]

I Think I’ll Write a Book

I’m out teaching this week – this time at the Army School of Music in Virginia Beach. It’s not unusual for the musicians and singers in any of my seminars to come up afterwards and ask me questions about my Live Music Method. I get quite a few questions through our website, too, from artists who […]