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Archives for August 2010

Me and Harry Potter

I wasn’t into magic as a kid – didn’t believe in it. I couldn’t figure out how someone could change a toad into a prince. When I saw Disney movies, the ones about magic never grabbed me. Then along came Harry Potter – I don’t know if I’d gotten younger, or what – but I […]

Band Reilly Headlines European Festival

Congratulations to the band Reilly, who just closed a European tour by headlining at Heavenstage Festival in Zurich, Switzerland! I am really proud of this band for taking Tom’s Live Music Methods and going full throttle with them! Dan Huie, who plays lead guitar and violin for the band, says “Since we worked with Amy, […]

Loomis and the Lust Video Exceeds Half Million Views

Congratulations to Loomis and the Lust on their latest video at YouTube! As of today, views of their “A.D.D.” Official Video have exceeded 543,000! Tom JacksonTom is uniquely talented and skilled at transforming an artist’s live show into a magical experience for the audience; helping artists at every level create a live show that is […]

What Music and Football Have in Common

By the mere title of this blog, you are probably trying to figure out what the heck Scott is talking about! Well, there is a story here about an experience my son just went through that could apply to anything in life. However, because it’s my son and I’ve worked in the music business, this […]

Confidence on Stage? Priceless.

I just sat on a panel with country artist JoDee Messina and regional rep for Shure microphones Ryan Smith, to judge the “Sing Your Heart Out” talent competition in Franklin, TN. Contestants from grade school through high school came from across the South to perform in front of us judges and a live audience. There […]

Finding the Players

Hey there! Hope your summer’s been full of great gigs and venues…can’t believe it’s August already. I had someone write in recently saying their single biggest challenge was finding good, dedicated musicians (and affordable!) to implement the kind of advice we give for the live show. Musicians who will share their vision and spend time […]

I Don’t Want to be Interesting

I just got off my Facebook. One of the comments I received said “saw you at Immerse…” (an event I just taught in Nashville) “…very interesting.” My mind always goes a million ways when I read something like that. I’m glad someone saw me, and I certainly am glad I held their interest. I even […]