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Archives for May 2009

Will You Win – Or Finish Fifth?

Almost 100 million people voted last week…on who had the best live show! Or, at least on who had the best emotional connection with the audience. Maybe you watched, maybe you didn’t. But if you are underestimating the importance of the live show, American Idol should prove to you that you simply have to Tom […]

That’s What I Think

As artists, we need to start thinking with a new model. We need a new paradigm. I just came back from half a dozen speaking engagements with about 150 CDs from various artists. Some of them are gorgeous! The amount of time, energy, and money spent on them is staggering. And though the intention is […]

Dating Your Audience

It’s crucial to understand your audience! I can show people how to do things, where to do things – but the real key to making a career of this thing called music is to know why to do things… Watch this video that I recorded at Brett Manning’s Singing Success studio to get a glimpse […]