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Archives for January 2009

Live Music is Growing Worldwide

Everyone is talking “the economy.” So what does that mean for those of us in the live music business? Well, I just read this online at the LA-based Creators.com: “While most concert promoters believe 2009 will pose more major challenges, conventional logic has rarely meant much in this business, nationally or globally. How else to […]

CD Baby Podcast: Creating Moments Onstage

As the Top Live Music Producer, Tom works with major label artists from all over the world in order to produce stage shows that will create a memorable experience for concert goers. Knowing your songs and reproducing your record live isn’t enough to dazzle an audience. Listen in to this CD Baby podcast and hear […]

Prince and Creating Spontaneity

The former guitar player for Prince was telling me about their rehearsals. If you’ve seen any video of Prince or seen him live, he goes off on jams that appear completely spontaneous. Sometimes they’re so off the wall, you wonder where they came up with the stuff they did! I asked him, how did you get from that place to this funky thing to this Pink Floyd thing to this breakdown, to this jammin’ stuff — and it all seems so spontaneous? And he said one word…