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Important gig coming up? Showcase? Competition? Big tour? Or do you simply want to be great every time you step onstage? You invest time, energy & money in many things so you can perform onstage. So don’t neglect investing in what happens when you get there!

We offer 1-on-1 Rehearsals, Performance Sessions (in person or via Skype/Facetime), and Video Critique Reviews.


1-on-1 Rehearsals

What does a 1-on-1 rehearsal look like? It’s time at your rehearsal-venue-of-choice with a Live Music Producer, who will work out “moments” for your show, plan effective transitions, and help you make the most of your communication with an audience (musically, visually, and verbally):

  • It will be creative: ideas prompted, memorable moments created.

  • It will be safe: freedom to try new ideas & take risks.

  • It will be eye-opening: see your connection to the audience in a new way.

  • It will be intense: you will be exhausted at the end of rehearsals, but unable to sleep because of all the new ideas!

  • It will be profitable: create a buzz, gain fans, sell more merch than ever before.

In one 7-8 hour day, you can expect to work out 3-5 “moments.” As a soloist or singer/songwriter, you should plan on 2 rehearsal days to work out an entire 45-60 minute concert set. A band should plan on 3 rehearsal days for the same length concert.

You can book a day or half day with Live Music Produer Tom Jackson or Associate Live Music Producer, Amy Wolter, in Nashville.  Or, you can book full days at your location (any travel expenses and the rehearsal venue rental are the artist’s responsibility.)

To inquire about a 1-on-1 Rehearsal or to book a session, contact us here…


Performance Sessions

Perfect your onstage skills and fundamentals with 2-hour Performance Sessions. These Sessions are with Associate Live Music Producer, Amy Wolter, who is trained to take you all the way from discovering the principles and reasoning behind Tom’s Method to working out a full-blown concert set that will capture & engage every audience you play for!

Whether in person in the Nashville area or on Skype from anywhere in the world, these sessions will teach you the essential basics of movement, placement, onstage tools, verbal & non-verbal communication, and much more.

The goal of the work is to build on concepts of performance that can be practiced and perfected at home, then applied to every song you play.

$390  NASHVILLE AREA: 2-Hour Performance Session with Associate Live Music Producer, Amy Wolter
$275  VIA SKYPE: 2-Hour Skype Performance Session with Associate Live Music Producer, Amy Wolter

Amy and Artist Photo


Video Critique Reviews

Get truthful and constructive feedback about what you can do to make every one of your live performances a fan-building show everyone raves about!

We recommend our Video Critique Reviews for 2 reasons:

  • For artists new to Tom’s Live Music Method – begin creating moments, rearranging your songs, & general suggestions for improvement.

  • For artists who have already had Live Music Producing for their show – continue to build on the “moments” in your show, make sure you are executing correctly what you’ve worked out, and add new songs & moments to your existing set.

The process is simple. 1) Upload a video on a site like YouTube or Vimeo (no need for a professional video – home movie quality is fine). 2) Associate Live Music Producer, Amy Wolter will review the video then call you via phone or Skype to review and discuss their suggestions (30 to 40-minute phone call).

add_to_cart$180  Video Critique Review of 1 song
Order more than 1 song review and receive a quantity discount:

$360  SAVE $40$320 (2 songs)
$540  SAVE $90$450 (3 songs)
$720  SAVE $160$560 (4 songs)
$900  SAVE $250$650 (5 songs)


Photos courtesy Kerri McKeehan and Studio 34