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Tom Jackson Bootcamp


New Series Coming Soon!    

Dates: To Be Announced

 Location: Nashville, TN

Tom at Canadian Music Week 2010










As a performer, you want:
 To impact your audience and leave them wanting more at the end of your show!
 More Bookings, More Merch Sales, More Money, so you can do this thing you love called MUSIC..Full Time!
 The Confidence & Knowledge to create a magical experience for your audience!


Discover these secrets successful artists have learned from Tom Jackson: Taylor Swift, The Band Perry, Magic!, LeCrae, Home Free, Francesca Battistelli, & many more. 

Artists who’ve benefited
from Tom’s Method:
VocalThe MartinsDove award winners The MartinsJuno winner Divine BrownGrammy nominated NewSong

You will Learn:

  • How to capture and engage your audience
  • To turn your “songs” into “memorable moments”
  • The technical skills of movement
  • How, when and why to use different places on stage
  • How, when and why to change the pressure on your audience
  • To be a compelling, confident performer
  • To create the perfect set list
  • To make your message more “impact-filled”
  • How to conquer the small stage
  • How to increase revenue flow at your shows
  • And much, much MORE!

Stephen Carswell“Sold out of all our T-shirts… the venue had to stop people from getting in our autograph line because it was too long… did $5K in merch in two nights.” Stephen Carswell, lead singer for Reno

Individual Registration to be announced                                

Band Registration to be announced (3-5 people*)                 


FabFour_2Colx3_RGB“The one thing that I think people don’t understand, is that the concepts will work with ANY kind of artist. I think people are afraid that Tom’s gonna tell them to do something that’s “not them.” But, the exact opposite is true. Tom brings out MORE of them. And more importantly, he brings the artist closer to the audience, which is ultimately the goal.” Ron McNeil, The Fab Four

“The most valuable money I ever spent! Tom’s method absolutely works & is genius. Bootcamp will change you forever.” Jimmy Dooley, indie artist


Featuring Tom Jackson,
Live Music Producer

Author of the book Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method and the All Roads Lead to the Stage DVD series, Tom is uniquely talented and skilled at transforming an artist’s live show into a magical experience for the audience; helping them create a show that is engaging and memorable.

Tom has worked with 100’s of artists in every genre, including Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, LeCrae, Magic!, Home Free, The Tenors, and more, along with countless indie artists and bands.


Nashville at nightWhether it’s Music City because of the live music of every kind available every day of the week in a multitude of venues, or because of the unique creative vibe in a city that houses 1000’s of musicians and music industry professionals, you will enjoy exploring and being a part of the Nashville Scene during your stay here!  

Tom with arms folded


“From your 1st session we realized you taught a hidden ‘secret to the stage.’ Thanks for providing this training to those of us who’d probably take a lifetime of performance to figure it out!” Gail Grigg, manager Holly Starr

“After working with Tom, I realized I had more confidence onstage. As a singer, more confidence helped me increase my vocal range – freedom onstage gave me a newvocal freedom I didn’t have before.” World artist Mary-Kathryn

Individual Registration to be announced

Band Registration to be announced

* Registration transferable until 3 weeks prior to event, but nonrefundable; ask about rates for 6 or more

“As the music business shifts importance from records to live shows, Tom Jackson’s no-nonsense, spot-on live performance advice is no longer optional…it is mandatory.” Tom Silverman, New Music Seminar and TommY BoY (Everlast, Queen Latifah, De La Soul)

The Tom Jackson Bootcamp, featuring the Live Music Method, is produced by Tom Jackson Productions