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Take Them By Storm

So where do YOU go when tornado sirens go off? I had just finished teaching at the CIA Summit in Nashville a week ago when storms came through and forced us out of the building. So my family and I hid in a school loading deck under an overhang. Smart? We don’t know – but […]

My Brain on Creativity

The year has started out with some great Live Music Producing sessions for me. Working one-on-one with artists like Taylor Swift, Newsong, Rush of Fools, Brett Manning and Elle – it really gets the creative side of my brain working. And getting either side of my brain to function better is always a good thing! […]

Where’s Tom

A lot of people ask me “when will you be coming to my area to teach?” The truth is, I travel all over the world teaching seminars and workshops, so the best I can tell you is “watch my calendar!” Sometimes you can pick up my teaching online – right now you can hear me […]

Live Music is Growing Worldwide

Everyone is talking “the economy.” So what does that mean for those of us in the live music business? Well, I just read this online at the LA-based Creators.com: “While most concert promoters believe 2009 will pose more major challenges, conventional logic has rarely meant much in this business, nationally or globally. How else to […]

CD Baby Podcast: Creating Moments Onstage

As the Top Live Music Producer, Tom works with major label artists from all over the world in order to produce stage shows that will create a memorable experience for concert goers. Knowing your songs and reproducing your record live isn’t enough to dazzle an audience. Listen in to this CD Baby podcast and hear […]

What a Wonderful World

It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time – working on a Christmas tour with some terrific artists, including the group NewSong. You probably know their song “Christmas Shoes”. (A little trivia for you, “Christmas Shoes” reached #1 on the charts in 2000, tying as the fastest song to hit #1 in […]

Memories of Down Under

Some of you may know that I’ve spent quite a little time down under – in Australia and New Zealand – working with artists, and teaching at music festivals and conferences. I’ve even done a few of my own workshops in that part of the world. I love Australia and New Zealand! There are some […]

New Teaching DVDs Now Shipping

My All Roads Lead to the Stage DVD series is finished and shipping! My vision for this project was to give you my workshop on DVD; however, I realized that I am giving you more than my workshop could ever be. Way more! After spending 100s of hours putting this together into some real meaty […]

Your Child has Talent

Your son or daughter has talent. You know it’s not just the “parent” thing in you…they really ARE good and others have confirmed that for you. But, maybe they’ve only been on stage occasionally (or never!) and don’t really know what to do up there in front of an audience. Now is the time to make sure your […]