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7 Deadly Sins: A list for success

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series 7 Deadly Sins

Years ago, I put together what I call the “7 Deadly Sins of an Artist.” While it may sound like a lot of negative doom and gloom, you need to understand that I see this list as a good reality check when it comes to making sure you are a success with your music. So […]

Same Concepts, Uniquely Yours!

When I talk to people in the music industry about what I do, inevitably I run across people who say, “I know someone who does what you do!” Because what they’re thinking about is the visual. They may know a choreographer, a performance coach, or a vocal coach who helps someone hold the mic properly. […]

Audience Participation How-To

We’ve probably all been at shows, just minding our own business, enjoying the music, and the singer suddenly says, ‘C’mon now! Help us out!’ But then he goes on his merry way, leaving the audience to figure out what they’re supposed to be singing. There’s a right way to do this so the audience is […]

Getting Creative for YouTube

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series YouTube, Music, and You

I had an interesting conversation with Backstage Pass artist Kate Schutt about how to create great video content for YouTube, and she got really excited about getting some new stuff to her fans with the ideas I gave her. She thought I should share them with you here Backstage as well! Hopefully you were able […]

Your Music on YouTube

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series YouTube, Music, and You

By now I’m sure you realize the importance of YouTube in your marketing plan. Your fans want to see and hear you on an ongoing basis… it keeps them excited and in touch with what you’re doing. There are lots of ways to use YouTube to market yourself: showing backstage footage, tour clips, answering questions […]

Relive the Moment

I often talk about why an audience attends a concert, why people go to a show, why someone goes to a special event… Those of you who follow my blogs know there are actually 3 reasons: To be captured and engaged To experience moments To have their lives changed in some way Well, once they’re […]

Got Problems? The Song Docs have Answers

Recently we ran a Facebook contest for a chance to ask Tom a question. But did you know we answer questions like this all the time Backstage? Jay Appleby of The Bloody Five entered the contest, asking about a slow song his band plays regularly, and I thought it might be helpful to show all […]

Videotape Your Performance: A Common Answer

“Videotape your performance.” A very common answer that isn’t necessarily the best advice. So what’s the question? I’ve been on music industry panels many times, in the US and Canada, at conferences and colleges, with well-known major players and the not so well-known. Invariably, the question arises from one of the artists in the audience, […]

What Springsteen Says

In an interview, Bruce Springsteen commented on his live shows and why he’s had such success. He said “record sales go up and down… we tour a lot and we’ve had a pretty consistent audience.” So the question is, why has he had a consistent audience? Well, Springsteen says “in the end, music is an […]

A Trip to the Woodshed!

Ever hear the term “woodshedding” when a musician talks about needing some intense practice? (You jazzers may have heard it as ‘sheddin!) According to some urban dictionaries, the phrase comes from a woodshed being the place where you “sharpen your axe.” I just spent time in Toronto at Canadian Music Week and heard plenty of […]