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How to Leave a Trail of “Breadcrumbs” in Your Songs

I’m going to share with you a technique to use in your songwriting that I’ve never seen in any songwriting book. This songwriting tip is so powerful that it can place a listener behind bars, locking them into your song until the very end. I’m going to show it to you right here in this […]

Write From the Stage

If you have watched and listened well to Tom Jackson (you might even call it “drinking the Tom Jackson Kool-Aid®“… and I have), you’ve probably discovered a disturbing truth about your concerts. The very minute you get the big “Aha!” about creating all those different “Moments” for your audience, it’s likely a panic set in. […]

What’s Your Biggest Songwriting Problem?

There are lots of bad habits a coach can work on when a new songwriter is wanting to grow. Of course there’s that nervousness (like right before the doctor says “get undressed and just sit here on this metal cabinet covered with paper”). But this isn’t a doctor’s visit. No shots will be given! Still, […]