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You know my name, look up my number…

– Or – make sure you write down where that name, number and business card came from. That old Beatles B side was a favorite of mine! As we get in to the bulk of the conference season with everything from Folk Alliance to SXSW and tons of other conferences, showcases and then immediately followed […]

The Musician’s Pre-Nup (of sorts)

I have a series of questions for you and the members of your band, your producer, the studio where you might be recording in, and anyone else from managers to agents, labels and so on, that is directly involved with you, your music or your revenues, both existing and potential. Lets play the happy go […]

What have you Learned this Year and What Mistakes can you Avoid next Year?

Success does not just come from trying things that work right off the bat. I am guessing everyone fell a few times when you first learned to ride a bike. Those that were able to pick it up a little faster were also the ones that could not only reference what was working and how […]

Bands: Save money and time on your studio mix

You may have heard some of the horror stories about how long it takes to mix an album, especially when you are in a band. I have worked with bands that have crossed the spectrum of time frames. On the short, an engineer and I were able to mix a recording of a small trio […]

Getting Your Songs Tight

How tight or strong are your songs live and in the studio, and how well are you practicing them? As you want to make sure your stage presence is strong and drawing the crowd in to you and your music, you want to make sure the music is strong and the band is tight, connected […]

Act Like You Belong without Acting Like the Fool

You have heard the terms “fake it till you make it,” “look and act like you belong” to give the impression you should be where you want to be, and “see yourself comfortable in the place where you want to be most.” It is true – but there is a fine line you want to […]

The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business

Hi, everyone! My name is Loren Weisman and I am going to be adding a monthly blog to OnstageSuccess.com. I am excited to be a part of this site and hope you will enjoy the blogs. I will be sending a mix of written and video blogs talking about aspects of the music industry with […]