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Focus on Your Craft

Focus is the key factor behind all results. Lack of focus means your full potential will never see the light of day. It is the key ingredient that can make or break your career. How you focus your hours and minutes every day is what really counts. Make lists of the things you want to […]

Building a Team

Building a good team is essential to your career and its growth. It may start out with a parent or even a member of your own band. That one person who believes in you and who is a trusted comrade. As one of my mentors once stated “Life is about relationships, both horizontally and vertically.” […]

Action Creates Opportunity

“Action creates opportunities for luck to happen.” Most artists don’t have any strategy for anything. Whether it’s playing out, just talking with fans, or finding fans. Everyone “wants” but few actually “do” something to get it. It’s like folks say, “It’s in God’s hands.” Yes, that same god, who created the internet, gave you the […]