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I Just Wanna Be Famous

As I watched American Idol last Tuesday night, one thing that struck me was the desire for so many people to just be famous. Either legitimately (with talent) or illegitimately (with outrageousness or lack of talent.) Obviously, some just try to get their 15 minutes of fame by doing whatever they can to get some […]

Go Army! – Part Two

Last week I wrote about an Army band I worked with up in Maryland a few weeks ago, Raw Materiel. They were definitely Willing to Fight and Rock Right. I promised I’d let you know about some of the other ideas I gave them for what someone can do who’s not singing lead onstage. Singing […]

Willing to Fight and Rock Right – Go Army!

It was one of the best…no, THE best crab cake I’ve ever consumed! The drummer had recommended the restaurant to me. Drummers know their food, I guess because they burn it off so fast! That meal was a great ending to my first day with Amy WolterAs a trained Live Music Producer for Tom Jackson […]

All Gigs Are Not Created Equal

It’s true. All gigs are not created equal! Sometimes you’re on a huge stage, sometimes it’s an intimate coffee shop. So how do you apply Tom’s Live Music Methods to both places? Amy WolterAs a trained Live Music Producer for Tom Jackson Productions, Amy Wolter brings her years onstage as a lead singer & keyboardist […]

Does This Stuff Really Work?

Ask Reilly. They decided to make an investment in their career. They decided to invite me to work with them to find out how to make a better emotional connection with their audience. They already had good songs, and are good players, but they recognized that there was something missing. So I helped them find […]

Push the Envelope

Many of the artists I’ve worked with have two distinct sides to their psyche. One side is creative genius, the other is a person riddled with insecurities. One side dreams of life on stage, and one side is stuck in ‘what-if’ land. What if I take chances and people don’t like it? What if something […]

You’ve Got the Look (we hope)

Lots of artists defend their show, saying “It’s all about the music,” or “people just come to hear our songs.” In other words, if we’re serious about coming to their concerts, we shouldn’t care what they do or how they look. Wrong. Whether the artist likes it or not, the audience has expectations when going […]