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Finding the Players

Hey there! Hope your summer’s been full of great gigs and venues…can’t believe it’s August already. I had someone write in recently saying their single biggest challenge was finding good, dedicated musicians (and affordable!) to implement the kind of advice we give for the live show. Musicians who will share their vision and spend time […]

Rock On, Camp Electric!

The last two weeks our Tom Jackson Productions crew was part of Camp Electric, a Christian music camp for kids age 13-18. We had a blast with these guys! Amy WolterAs a trained Live Music Producer for Tom Jackson Productions, Amy Wolter brings her years onstage as a lead singer & keyboardist – along with […]

A New York State of Mind: How Bad Do YOU Want It?

I just finished working in New York City with an artist, Zach Maxwell, and his band. Two of the hottest days they’ve had in NYC in awhile and our cramped rehearsal room just refused to cool down. Even the car that took me to the airport had no A/C! (So I’m a bit picky when […]

Making a Living as a Cover Band – 4 Important Elements

There’s no shame in being part of a cover band or a tribute act. I’ve worked with some. The thing is, if you do that, do it well and make no apologies! I must admit, most cover bands I’ve seen are forgettable, or painful, or worse – cheesy. This doesn’t have to be the case. […]

Robert Grows Up

Tomorrow I’m heading down to Orlando to work with 17-yr-old singer Robert Pierre. He and his band from Nashville are getting ready for a festival gig down there this weekend. Four years ago when I first met and worked with Robert, Amy WolterAs a trained Live Music Producer for Tom Jackson Productions, Amy Wolter brings […]

Bootcamp Meets Rock Band

Recently, we were in Virginia Beach in front of a theatre full of Army personnel from all over the country. Tom and I put one of the US Army’s rock bands, USA Express, onstage and worked with them, taking a song and creating moments to connect with the audience. And we heard and saw it […]

The Band Tournament

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to go to Minneapolis to speak and to judge a band tournament at the state-of-the-art Club 3 Degrees. So what do you get when you mix together promoters, label heads, radio guys, and lots of ex-rockers that have seen hundreds of bands over the years? Amy WolterAs […]

American Idols – Do We Know Who You Are?

I think I may have figured it out…that underlying factor that pegs me every time I watch American Idol. It’s the age factor, or more importantly, the maturity factor. It hit me when Kara commented for the umpteenth time, “we don’t know who you are!” Of course we don’t know who they are…they are TOO […]

It’s the Stupid Economy

“How do we sell more tickets to our concerts? With the economy the way it is, people don’t seem to want to spend any money!” Are you having this problem, too? Yes, the economy can play a role in how people choose to spend their money. But did you know that a recession can actually […]

The Group Dynamic on American Idol

Being in a band or group of any kind requires teamwork. No question about it. That was very evident as I watched American Idol contestants divide up and perform in group competitions. It was rough! Many of them weren’t used to the give and take singing in a group calls for. Typically someone will name […]